Pharmacists Can Provide You With Expert Advice!

Published: 22/05/2019

To mark Self Care Week 2017 (13 – 19 November) Bluebird Care Maldon wants to highlight your health expert on the High Street – the community pharmacist. Pharmacists are highly trained health professionals who can give advice and recommend treatments for self treatable conditions such as coughs, colds, sprains and strains. 

Many people still visit the GP or A&E for conditions that could be treated at home or with pharmacists’ advice. Using the wrong health service increases the strain on our NHS, so it is important to think about what is the best service for your health needs. 
Dr Isles, Local GP “People go to the doctor with common ailments because they are unsure how long symptoms last and need reassurance that it isn’t anything more serious.  Instead of waiting for an appointment at your surgery, consider going to your local pharmacist first.
Pharmacists will help you choose the right treatment for your ailment and can explain the normal duration of symptoms. They can also offer you help to stop smoking, manage your weight, as well as providing flu jabs and blood pressure checks. Many pharmacies even have private consulting rooms.
If you have a cold or flu it is worth remembering that antibiotics won’t help. In fact, taking them can reduce their effectiveness when taken for ailments they can help with.’’
In the UK most people are only 20 minutes away from an expert on the High Street. If you have a long term condition and are worried how common ailments may be affecting you, or just want some advice on managing your medicines, visit your pharmacist first. 
Save yourself the time and hassle of booking a GP appointment or visiting A&E. Choose to feel confident about managing your health and take a trip to your local pharmacist. Embrace self care for life. 
Self Care Week is 13 – 19 November and here at Bluebird Care Maldon we are asking all of our care assistants to inform our customers of the expert advice local pharmacies can offer, by doing so we hope our customers will get relevant and immediate advice on any health concerns they may have. 
To all of our existing customers, if you are unable to get to your local pharmacy please let the office or your care assistant know. We are able to arrange a care assistant whom drives to assist you to your local pharmacy, where you can speak about any health concerns with a local community pharmacist.