Meet the team

Kevin and Tracey McCormack

Franchise Owners

Bluebird Care Maldon, is owned and run by Kevin and Tracey McCormack who bring a wealth of professional care and service experience along with management and organisational expertise to your local area.

Prior to setting up their network of Bluebird Care offices in East London and Essex, Tracey had fifteen years of experience in childcare services along with five years in adult health and social care. Kevin has 30 years of extensive business management experience having been a Director and Managing Director of several large media businesses.

Our vision is to be the very best local providor of quality care whatever the needs or requirements may be. To be able to support any individual or group regardless of circumstances through professionalism and specialist application when needed.

We aim to give our local community the opportunity to enjoy the highest quality of life and independence through the provision of professional care."

Lucy McCormack

Director of Business

My name is Lucy McCormack, I am the daughter of owners Tracey and Kevin McCormack.

Working within my family business is something I am incredibly proud of and passionate about. 

Throughout my childhood I saw my mother and father work incredibly hard to build a community home care service that could offer people the very best quality home and live in care support, whilst remaining in the comfort and security of their own home. 

My role here at Bluebird Care involves managing the day to day business of our 6 franchise locations. Alike any care organisation we have the amition to grow our quality service so that we can assist more people in our local community to live safely, happily and comfortably within their own home.

My role involves communicating with all of our staff members both those in the field and those whom are office based. My team makes communication very easy, as we have a well established open, honest and friendly culture. And we are all brought together by the common aim and objective 'To offer the highest quality and dignified home care service in our local community'.

Natasha Schneider

Registered Manager Mid Essex

Natasha Joined the Bluebird Care team at the beginning of 2018.
Having worked in the care industry since the young age of 16, Natasha's experience is broad and in great depth.

Growing up Natasha spent a lot of time with her Nan who was a nurse.
Natasha was interested and intrigued by the work her nan participated in on a daily basis and knew that when she entered the world of work she would want to do something similar. With that in mind at 16, Natasha applied to a local nursing home for a 'summer job'. After spending her summer helping the elderly with their daily routines she knew her future career would be in the care industry.
Since then, Natasha has progressed from care assistant, to supervisor, to manager, and then onto help set up a care service to support young disabled children, where she was promoted to county manager of the Essex region.

As well as gaining a wealth of experience in this time Natasha also achieved her A1 Assessors award, QCF Level 5 in Child and Adult management, as well as completing her care certificate.

In her many years of experience Natasha has developed acute listening skills and is considered an honest and approachable individual. These qualities allow Natasha to deal with any challenging situation professionally and appropriately.

Despite working in the care industry for the majority of her life, Natasha says the most enjoyable aspect of coming to work is knowing that no matter what the situation or how unpredictable the day may be she knows her team will pull through and work to achieve the best possible outcome.

Tracy Poulson

Office Manager - Maldon&Danbury

Tracy joined the Bluebird Care team 4 years ago when she applied for a care assistant vaccancy within our Mid Essex (Chelmsford) branch. When applying for this vaccancy it was clear from meeting Tracy that she would be a great addition to the team.
Not only did Tracy have a wealth of experience (working in care since leaving school), she had a notable friendly and amicable approach to all situations.

After proving her ability as an exceptional Care Assistant, Tracy was promoted to the role of care co-ordinator. In this role Tracy matched customer needs and requirements with care assistant skills and abilities.
Due to Tracy's desire to continue providing care herself she never lost touch with her customer base. This allowed her to build personal relationships with customer and care assistants alike, which resulted in the best possible caring outcome.
After 2 years of working as care co-ordinator Tracy had proved her ability to; manage tricky situations, maintain good relationships and always strives for the best possible outcome. Thus, when the role for office manager in our Maldon and Danbury office emerged Tracy appeared the perfect fit. 
Since being promoted to office manager 2 years ago Tracy has built an outstanding team whom all work with a combined moral and vision 'to provide the best possible care service'.
Tracy respects every member of her team so greatly, and this allows for the smooth running of the Maldon and Danbury office.
Tracy and Karen have become known as 'Batman and Robin' by the care team, as they are always happy to help no matter what the situation.

As well as a wealth of experience and natural people skills, Tracy is also equipped with her NVQ/QCF Level 2 and 3, in addition to this Tracy keeps up to date with all mandatory training, and is always to participate in new training courses. 

I work in care because I love to make people happy. When I receive messages and gifts from the care assistants quoting 'thank you for all your hard work and support' or when I attend a customer's home on a care visit or review seeing them smile or making them laugh truly makes my day.

Victoria Cleaver

Finance and Accounts Manager

I have been at Bluebird Care since 2014 and I am fortunate to love my job and be a part of an ‘outstanding’ team. My role is more than a “traditional finance” role, which makes it very rewarding role – I get the opportunity to meet customers and employees and it’s amazing feeling knowing that as a team we have made a positive difference to someone’s life and been there to support them – may that be our customers, their families or a Bluebird Care employee

Michele Steptowe

Care Supervisor

Hello, my name is Michele and I have worked for Bluebird care for the last 3 months. I have been in the care industry for 15 years and chose Bluebird care as my next employment due to the outstanding results given by the CQC inspection. I am employed as a field supervisor which means I will deal directly with our customers and our staff on a daily basis. I complete initial customer assessments and thereafter complete 6 monthly reviews, sooner if required of course. I update customer care plans in the office and then deliver them back as soon as possible, taking the time to have a chat to ensure our customers are happy. I complete spot checks with our staff from time to time to ensure they are all working in line with Bluebird policies and procedures. I also often cover care visits with our customers to ensure the services run smoothly and is appropriate.

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