Bluebird Care Hammersmith & Fulham launch campaign in light of increased need for care assistants this winter

Published: 30/12/2019

1.3 million older people across the UK continue to live in loneliness and isolation.

1.3 million older people across the UK continue to live in loneliness and isolation, according to research supported by leading home care provider Bluebird Care, who are launching a new recruitment campaign to help tackle this shocking statistic.

The survey, conducted by One Poll, shows that 16% of older people are spending more than a week alone without seeing anyone!

Soheila Amin, Director of Bluebird Care Hammersmith & Fulham, commented:

“The number of people that are lonely in our area is shocking, as a care provider it is often our care assistants who offer companionship and a friendly face to our customers who may spend a lot of time on their own.

By increasing the number of care assistants we have, we can look at what further support we can offer our customers and help reduce the number of those who suffer from loneliness in our community.”

As the winter continues, the volume of people that continue to live in loneliness and isolation is staggering - and with individuals living longer there is a high demand for home care.

Bluebird Care Hammersmith & Fulham is hoping this new campaign will help raise awareness in the community of their increased need for care assistants through a variety of recruitment efforts.

Soheila added: “Many people in Hammersmith & Fulham are vulnerable and lonely, all requiring help at home especially through the winter months.

At Bluebird Care we recognise the increasing number of people wanting help at home, and so we need to recruit more care assistants!”

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