Working At Bluebird Care

Published: 10/01/2018

Working for Bluebird Care means you will be part of one of the nations largest home care providers. Working within a renowned caring organisation comes with great rewards. If you wish to find out more about what it is like to work at Bluebird care please read the article below and look at the career pages on our website.

Working for Bluebird Care means you will be a part of one of the nations leading providers of home care. It also means you will be an integral part of our caring family - for which you will be rewarded greatly.

At Bluebird Care we recognise that our staff are at the heart of our business. Without such a passionate, enthusiastic and empathetic care team we would not be able to provide a consistent award winning home care service to our valued customers. For this service we believe our care staff should be rewarded greatly.

Therefore when joining the Bluebird Care team we ensure you under go all mandatory training at a paid hourly rate. After completion of training you will attend paid shadow shifts, where by you will be given the opportunity to put your training into practice, whilst working alongside an experienced care assistant. (Who will be on hand to answer any questions and offer support.)

After competing your training and shadow shifts and when you feel confident to provide care in the local community you will benefit from great rates of pay and paid milage. In addition to this  you can expect private health benefits, guaranteed contracted hours and a supportive office team.

In addition to this we believe in rewarding those who work hard and those who are always happy to help. We ensure those who go the extra mile are recognised through opportunities for promotion, as well as various awards and certificates. We feel it is so important that our care staff feel valued and a sense of gratitude for the great work that they do.

In addition to this we try to differentiate ourselves from other companies by running events for our care and office staff such as office gatherings - whereby care assistants are welcome to come into the office have a coffee and some biscuits and talk about their weeks work. We also run in office events such as specialist training courses that our carers can voluntary sign up for if they wish to increase their knowledge and experience about a particular condition/topic. Finally we also run social evenings where by care and office staff can meet at a local restaurant or bar to socialise within an environment outside of work. 

At Bluebird Care we recognise the work our valuable care staff carry out on a daily basis. We ensure that our care staff are rewarded appropriately for the great work that they do and that they are given opportunities to develop their talents and working relationships.
We are currently looking for new care assistants to join our outstanding team. If you are looking for a new job this year and wish to find a career that will offer you a real sense of vocation, great rewards and rates of pay then please contact your local Bluebird Care today!