Home care company Bluebird Care Epsom, Kingston & Sutton offers school leavers a competitive alternative to apprenticeship scheme.

This week is National Apprenticeship Week and there seems that there has never been a time, where graduates and school leavers could have as many opportunities as they do today.


This week is National Apprenticeship Week and there seems that there has never been a time, where graduates and school leavers could have as many opportunities as they do today.

Whilst Bluebird Care Epsom, Kingston and Sutton do not currently offer an apprenticeship scheme, what they do offer, is amazing pay and job prospects or all school and university leavers. All newly recruited Care Assistants receive initial training as well as on-going support. There is no cost to the individual and new recruits start earning from their first shadow (supervised) shift that they complete.

The company’s only prerequisite is for their care assistants to have a full UK driving licence and access to their own vehicle. In return they pay travel time and mileage – in addition to the hourly care rate. For those that are unable to drive, live-in care assistant roles offer an equally competitive pay and opportunities (as well as somewhere to live whilst in work).


The company have announced the hugely competitive pay package in a bid to recruit and retain the best calibre of home care assistants that the industry has to offer. The company have increased their hourly pay to £12 on weekdays and £12.50 on weekends. This means that the hourly rate is over 20% higher than the 2022 National Living wage.


They are also offering a welcome bonus of up to £200 to anyone who joins and remains in employment between now and 31st March 2022. The bonus is not only offered to new recruits, but all those who are already work for the organisation and will continue to, past 31st March 2022.  


Care workers may once have been classified within the low-income bracket however, new pay rates announced by Bluebird Care Epsom & Kingston challenge this.


In an article for the Telegraph last year, former employment secretary, Lord Young observed the reduced value of university education. He is not wrong. University can offer an incredible experience to those that required doctorates or bachelor’s degrees to pursue their vocations. However, if it’s a career full of reward and immediate financial remuneration (with zero outlay). that you’re interested in, then home care is the industry for you.


Michelle Kennett is an accomplished home care professional with decades of experience in the industry. Currently acting Care Manager for the Epsom & Kingston branch of Bluebird Care, Michelle shares her observations:

“I’ve worked in home care a very long time. What I love about the industry is the significant impact you have on a person’s life. It’s incredibly tough when you lose a customer, but to know that in the final years of their life, you were able to ensure that they continued to live independently, surrounded by what they love is incredibly rewarding. The job is demanding, and we need the best staff for the job, which is why we’re offering the best pay package in the industry.”


Many of those that start work with the company as care assistant progress onto roles within administration within the business and can progress as far as they aspire.


If the adult social care workforce grows proportionally to the projected number of people aged 65 and over in the population. then the number of adult social care jobs will increase by 29% (480,000 jobs) to around 2.16 million jobs by 2035.  The greatest challenge facing the industry today – is keeping up with the spiralling demand.

Bluebird Care Epsom, Kingston & Sutton’s recruitment team are keen to speak to anyone interested in working in the industry and can speak to a member of their friendly team to discuss what the role involves. Contact 03003 034900 or email: midsouthrecruitment@bluebirdcare.co.uk