Meet the team

Kevin and Tracey McCormack

Franchise Owners

Bluebird Care Epping and Harlow, is owned and run by Kevin and Tracey McCormack who bring a wealth of professional care and service experience along with management and organisational expertise to your local area. Prior to setting up their network of Bluebird Care offices in East London and Essex, Tracey had fifteen years of experience in childcare services along with five years in adult health and social care. Kevin has 30 years of extensive business management experience having been a Director and Managing Director of several large media businesses. Our vision is to be the very best local providor of quality care whatever the needs or requirements may be. To be able to support any individual or group regardless of circumstances through professionalism and specialist application when needed. 

Our aim is to give our local community the opporunity to enjoy the highest quality of life and independence through the provision of professional care.

Ellie McCormack

Manager - Epping and Harlow

My name is Ellie McCormack and I am the Office Manager of Bluebird Care Epping & Harlow and the daughter of owners Tracey and Kevin McCormack.

I am responsible for the day to day running of our Epping & Harlow branch. My role allows me to meet inspirational people with the most amazing stories and set up the best possible tailored care according to their wishes and needs. I also ensure our fantastic team here in Epping & Harlow are well mentored, trained efficiently and are given the right guidance to help them deliver the highest quality of care.

It is so rewarding to be part of a team that makes such a positive difference to individuals, their family & friends.

Lucy McCormack & Maryann Cleaver

Live-in Care Team

It is important to us both that we dedicate our full time role's to the management of Live in Care for our customers and our Live in Care assistant's, to ensure this aspect of our business is managed effectively and to the highest of quality standards. 

Live in Care is classed as a significant purchase, and whilst more cost effective than a residential setting the management of each individual Live in Care package requires a lot of time and attention.  If you would like to learn more about how we manage our Live in Care Package's and support our Live in Care assistant’s please navigate to our Live in Care FAQ's under the useful information tab on our website.

Whilst we are both well experienced in this service, we never lose sight of the difference we make in our customer's life’s. Being able to remain safe at home is a dream of many of our customer's and their families.  We work to make that dream a reality, ensuring that the customer is safe, happy and living their life to their full potential in the familiar surroundings of their own home.

Victoria Cleaver

Accounts Manager

I have been at Bluebird Care since 2014 and I am fortunate to love my job and be a part of an ‘outstanding’ team. My role is more than a “traditional finance” role, which makes it very rewarding role – I get the opportunity to meet customers and employees and it’s amazing feeling knowing that as a team we have made a positive difference to someone’s life and been there to support them – may that be our customers, their families or a Bluebird Care employee

Sharon Wuyts

Champion Lead for Communications and Recognition

I joined Bluebird Care in 2019 as a home carer and really enjoyed my job. Every customer that I visited, I treated like they were my Nan or Grandad and got a great buzz out of making them feel positive, happy, comfortable and content, it’s the little things that matter, like, knowing how many sugars they have in their tea/coffee or knowing what they like/dislike in certain foods.  Following a very successful appraisal last year, I was offered a career progression, I knew I wanted to stay with Bluebird Care as in my own experience, I’ve never worked for such a supportive company that really cares about their staff.  I am so happy to announce my new job role is ‘Champion Lead for Communications and Recognition'. My main roles and responsibilities will be to work alongside all care assistants to support, recognise, build and maintain relationships, productivity and engagement. I would like to build a bluebird care community with all our regional carers. We are part of a massive, successful company, we all are spokes on a wheel that thrive to achieve the same outcome! Proving outstanding care to our customers and each other. 

Jessie Tollady

Care Supervisor

Hi my name is Jessie and I am a care supervisor here at bluebird care. I have worked in the social care industry now for over 7 years. I have completed my level 3 in Health and social care and been fortunate to further my knowledge over the years with many distance learning courses - My most recent being medication train the trainer. Being a medication train the trainer allows me to access the competency of our care staff when administering medication and to ensure they are handling medication safely and in line with our Bluebird care policies and procedures. I am very fortunate to be part of such a great team.

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