Customers can access our, Bluebird Care, records

Published: 28/09/2016

Real Time Access to your records

October 2016 - Bluebird Care are pleased to announce further technology investments
We are ‘rolling out’ the mobile app ‘openPASS’ which provides visibility of your care plan, communications between you and us, our notes and records to you and your authorised parties.
What is openPASS and who can use it?
openPass is a free download from iTunes or GooglePlay.  openPASS extends the secure connection and data from our ‘PASSsystem’ to verified customers, family carers, family members, social workers, friends, community workers and health care professionals.   The PASSsystem is our ‘online, real-time’ digital care management system we use to support and record the assistance we provide.
openPASS is a unique, patent-pending application that provides inclusive access to our real-time, online, care plans, notes and records. The application opens up useful communication channels too; your support network (family, homecare providers, Dr’s and health professionals) can now all work alongside one another to gain access to relevant information and transform care delivery.
Where can openPASS be used?
openPASS can be used for free in your home or for a small monthly fee anywhere else (Anywhere & Anytime) openPASS is available on smartphones but is not currently available on tablets.
How much does openPASS cost?
openPASS is FREE to access for 30 minutes at a time in your home. All you need to do is set up an account.  To use the app anywhere else and at any time you wish (Anywhere & Anytime) there is a monthly subscription charge of currently £5 which is payable to the software provider