Why Care?

Published: 06/08/2019

Celebrating Care Assistant month and Professional Care Workers Day

Care Assistant month is a time for us to celebrate and thank care workers for the amazing work they do every day. 

Care workers not only provide physical support, they also provide mental and emotional support and be a friend when people really need one. This not only makes the career rewarding and fulfilling, but sometimes challenging. Care workers are there in the scorching heat, snow, at Christmas and on Sundays. Care workers deserve to be recognised for the range of support they provide and that’s exactly what Professional Care Workers Day is for! 

So, why care?

As previously said care work involves A LOT of work and can be challenging, but it is an amazing career.  Every day, working as a care worker involves helping people, connecting with others and being part of a supportive environment. Helping people and hearing them say ‘thank you’ or seeing that you’ve put a smile on their face is the most rewarding part of any job, and you don’t get it more in any other environment than in care. It’s fulfilling to know that the valuable service you provide is not only helping one person but also helping their friends and family and making a difference to their quality of life. 

So, That’s why care! 

Join us to celebrate professional care workers day on the 4th September 2019!