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Bluebird Care (Birmingham East) is led by Suresh Dakshinamurthy and Sumathi Manickam. They started delivering homecare in Birmingham East to help support customers in the area to receive homecare and support while remaining in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. Delivering the highest quality of homecare and support is our absolute goal and the team would be delighted to hear from anyone who is seeking homecare for themselves or for a loved one, or would simply like to talk to someone about the services we provide.

The “Good Old-Fashioned Service” ethos of Bluebird Care matches our attitude to business and through this we have managed to create a care service that is both highly valued by its customers and widely respected professionally.
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Bluebird Care Birmingham East Care Assistants are exceptional. Our management team selects, trains and supervises them to ensure they’re best supported care professionals and have everything they need to deliver the very best homecsare. We look after our Care Assistants because we know happy colleagues make happy customers. We are fully responsible for all of their professional training and development, holiday pay and professional insurances. We look after them above and beyond our legal obligations and they are hugely valued members of Bluebird Care, They change customers lives for the better every day

Our customers love our Care Assisstants. Take a look at our testimonials and see what they say about our team.


Sue Manickam

Operations Head / Director

Sue Manickam provides strong, strategic leadership to Bluebird Care so we can provide the best homecare services. Efficiently manages the day to day running of the business. Allocate resources and monitor performance to deliver high quality homecare to customers within budget. Manages all aspects of the staff team and provide sound leadership to ensure staff are clear about their respective duties and responsibilities and have the support they need to carry out their roles safely.

Sue has worked as a Senior Physiotherapist as various NHS setups for 10 years. She has worked in various departments such as acute health, rapid response team and intermediate care setting and community services in UK NHS. In acute hospitals she has the experience in working closely with hospital discharge teams and rapid response team. She also has the experience in working closely with the various consultants, OTs, Nurses, social workers, health care assistants and all these experience has helped her role in Bluebird Care.

Sue’s personal target is to put all of her skills, knowledge and experience to ensuring Bluebird Care Birmingham East provides the highest standards of care to all our customers, both current and future, delivered by our friendly and dedicated team of professional care workers and office staff.

Anne Law

Care Manager

Hi! My name is Anne I am a Registered Nurse with a fair bit of experience in the mental health industry as well. I am also a Rehab Practitioner for Mental Health. I have managed large service from elderly nursing homes to young adult’s rehab. As a Life Trainer for Suicide Prevention, I have been trained with Care for Life, that aims to train the community to identify signs of suicide ideations. Further trained to provide training (Train the Trainer) for the same course.


Love to be part of bluebird Care Birmingham East and North and will be able to share ideas about work, hobbies and anything.

Hira Butt

Care Coordinator / Supervisor

My name is Hira Butt. I hold a master's degree and NVQ Level 5 in Leadership and Management. I completed both my degrees while working as a Care Coordinator. I am proud to say that I have almost 7 years of experience working in the health and care sector and it's still growing. Recently I have joined the lovely team at Bluebird Care Birmingham East and  North and aspire to grow continuously with the company. I am excited to be part of such a brilliant team that has continuously won awards and bringing value to the community and health sector through their tireless efforts. I am looking forward to expanding the business, bringing value through creative and innovative ideas, providing training and enhancing customer service quality for the Company in future. 

Fiona Hallam

Business Admin

My name is Fiona Hallam and I recently joined Bluebird Care as a Business Administrator.  This is my first role within the Health and Social care sector, and I am looking forward to a new challenge.

Previously, I have worked as a Retail manager, but after working in a Covid test centre during the pandemic, I decided it was time for a fresh start.  The team at Bluebird are all so friendly and compassionate, and you can feel that they genuinely care about their clients.

Lauren Williams

Business Admin

My name is Lauren Williams and I have recently joined Bluebird Care as a Business Administrator. Prior to this role, I have worked in retail for 4 years. I look forward to this new challenge and expanding my knowledge within the company. I feel I am very fortunate to grow within such a great company and be surrounded by such great people.  

Sian Robinson

Lead Care Assistant

"My name is Sian Robinson, I joined bluebird in September 2020 as a care assistant and I have since been promoted to lead care assistant. I have always wanted to be in a profession when I help other. Bluebird care is a lovely company to work for, all the staff are friendly, and the management team offer lots of support. I am looking forward to bettering myself and gaining more qualification as well as being a part of the growth and success of Bluebird care."

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