Hair Dresser Service now available!

The anticipated service is officially up and running now!


The anticipated service is officially up and running now!


We are so pleases to announce that our Hair Dressing Service is now available and can be used by any of our current customers who wish to have one our Carer Abi attend and provide them with a fresh trim.

The service aims to provide those who don't have access to a hair dresser, the opportunity to have their hair done as and when they are ready. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to go to the hairdresser, and while mobile hair dressers tend to be to go to in this situation, some people don't want to let others they may not know into their home.

Many of our customers have met Abi during her time as a Carer with us, however those that havent can have the peace of mind that Abi is a very trustworthy person, and seeing the Bluebird uniform they are familiar with allows them to feel more comfortable.

Before Abi began working as a Carer for us, she had been working in hairdressing and obtained all her certificates, and now she is enjoying the opportunity of caring for our customers on some days and providing hair dressing services for them on other days! 

As always, the PPE procedures will be followed during the hair dressing appointments, to ensure that our customers and Abi are protected at all times.

This service is available to all our customers, so if you are a currently customer, do not hesiate to contact us. 

If you wish to make an enquiry for care for yourself, or a family member, you can call us on 01225445225 to speak to a member of our Care team.