Why Live In Care?

Would you like to have the security of your own personal assistant supporting you in the comfort of your own home?

Live-in Care can be a long term arrangement or a short term care solution following a stay in hospital, to assist you taking a holiday or to give family, friends or a regular carer a break/respite or support. The service can be provided 24X7 for 365 days or 24X7 as many days as you wish. It is a realistic alternative to moving into a Care Home.

What is Live-In Care?

We may reach a point when either we or our loved ones, can no longer look after ourselves without additional support. It is then that we may begin to look at residential care. However, with our service, the customer can remain in the comfort of their own home whilst we provide them the support to ensure that they can continue their daily routine. This is when Live-in Care becomes a serious consideration.

At Bluebird Care Sunderland our Live-in Carers are trained to help with a range of tasks around the house. These often include everyday tasks, including personal care such as washing, dressing and getting out of bed and domestic tasks such as cooking, shopping and cleaning.

The companionship offered from the Personal Assistant is also highly important and helps the customer maintain their family and social commitments as well as helping to fight loneliness. 

Our Live-in Carers will stay in your home day and night to ensure that any help required can be given instantly. This ensures that you have the protection of having someone around for help in any eventuality.

Bluebird Care Sunderland offers continuity and a consistent level of care by providing the customer with a regular Carer to enable the customer to build a strong relationship at a personalised level. There is the added security that in the event of an emergency, we are able to react quickly as we are a local company.

Who is Live-In Care for?

Various circumstances occur where a customer may find Live-in Care beneficial: 

  • The service is tailored to both the older and younger customer who require Live-in Care. This option can be for those who have a physical disability that limits their mobility to do everyday tasks. We are trained and able to support customers from the age of 4 and upwards.

  • Live-in Care is ideal for those that would find moving into a care home confusing or difficult to adapt to. With Live-in Care, the customer can retain their usual routine whilst receiving the support they need.  We would also be able to support your pets and maintain their normal lifestyle.

  • Often elderly couples prefer to stay together in the familiarity of their own home. By moving to a care home they may be potentially separated.  As our Live-in Carer can provide joint care for two people, it will help save money, whilst ensuring that the couple stay together.

  • Sometimes customers may not have family members around to care for them; or their families may live away or work full-time. In some instances the customer simply doesn’t want to bother their family.

  • There are occasions when Live-in Care will be required for a short period of time such as being discharged from hospital.

  • Our Live-in Carers can help with medication and rehabilitation as well as with everyday tasks making life as easy as possible under trying circumstances.

  • Our Live-in Carers can also cover periods of respite to relieve care responsibilities from others.

What are the Benefits of Live-In Care?

Some benefits of having a Live-in Carer are given below: 

  1. Stay at your own home whilst maintaining independence within familiar surroundings.
  2. A dedicated one-to-one carer. 
  3. Maintain normal communication with friends and family and hence peace of mind.
  4. Fully trained and supported staff.
  5. Affordability.

What our customers say

Here is a recommendation from a customer’s family member CS, on behalf of her mum. We provided 24X7 Live-in Care support for her mum when CS was away on holiday. We continue to support her mum as normal with domiciliary care.

I was completely satisfied with the care my mother received whilst I was on holiday for two weeks. I came home to a happy mother who had a very good experience with the carers from the agency. She obviously likes the carers who continue to visit twice a week to shower her, which in turn helps me in doing a task which is very difficult for me. This is money well spent.

More Information about the Benefits of Live-in Care

The Live-in Care Hub, which is a not for profit coalition of leading providers of live-in care has recently released "The Better at Home Report" which explains Live-in Care and it's benefits as compared to care homes.

The Live-in Care Hub providers are all members of UKHCA (UK Home Care Association)


How to find the right care for you or your relative

1. Find your local office

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2. Get in touch with us

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3. Assessment

We’ll come out to you to find out what you or your loved one needs to help stay independent at home.

4. Care team chosen & care starts

You'll be cared for by our specially trained team to support you to remain at home for as long as possible.

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