Bluebird Care Meets MP Candidates

Published: 22/05/2019

We met with the two front-runners for the Thornbury & Yate constituency. It provided a fantastic opportunity to brief some of the most influential people in the area about the challenges in home care.

We were delighted to be approached by one of the candidates, and in the interests of fairness, decided to invite the other front-runner along as well.  We are pleased to announce that both appeared interested and relatively well informed of the key issues facing the delivery of high quality care in the home.

We were able to impress on both candidates some of the current thinking leading the way in home care at the moment, such as the notion of preventative care, where the aim is to help council and personal budgets by keeping people healthy before problems arise.  Small expenditure on maintaining health is thought to be much less expensive than the current alternative, where people, especially the elderly, can soon get ill or fall and end up in hospital, where just filling a bed costs around £2,000 per week.  It is also much more appertising for the person involved to stay healthy and at home!

Luke Hall, the Conservative candidate, above, met with Jack and Jo, our Customer Assessment and Review Supervisor.  Steve Webb, the incumbent Liberal Democrat MP, met with Jack and one of our customers, a celebrated jazz musician and retired chartered building surveyor, below.