Coordinators Are Carers Too


"I just wanted to praise Michelle. My runs have been absolutely amazing; very well planned, tailored  to me brilliantly and it does make a massive difference on my paycheck that I don't have to drive "across the country."  Any time I ask Michelle to have a second look on my run because I've been short on travel time, she moves mountains and does a brilliant job.

Always patient, cheerful, professional and very hardworking. I highly respect the fact that she puts on the uniform and gets in the middle of it. I do take on more because of her as I know she would get out there, get stuck in and do a long day, and afterwards she is back in the office looking after the carers. 

She 'gets' how we work because she is a carer too; she has done this, is still doing it and understands us. Everytime we speak, she asks me if I'm okay, is it not too much, am I doing okay after being poorly......I know she will have my back. 


Thank you." Agi - Care Worker

"Thank you so much Agi, this is lovely. I do understand how hard it is out in the field and use that to help the runs. I have always said that to work in care you need to care.

I'm here to support you all, as best as I can and I do enjoy working with you all." Michelle - Care Coordinator

Michelle is a Care Coordinator.

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