South Gloucestershire Care Manager Wins Bluebird Care’s National Covid Hero Award


Home care provider, Bluebird Care, has a franchise network of over 200 businesses. Local Care Manager, Cheryl Beard, from Bluebird Care South Gloucestershire, was pronounced a national winner of Bluebird Care’s Covid Heroes Awards.

Bluebird Care usually host their own annual Bluebird Care Awards and have been for many years. This year, given the pandemic and the immense bravery, heroism and effort shown by all team members during such unprecedented times, Bluebird Care wanted to organise something special. They therefore introduced the Bluebird Care Covid Heroes Awards 2020. 

The initiative was designed to reward members of Bluebird Care teams who have worked to exceptional standards throughout the Covid-19 pandemic - acknowledging those who have gone above and beyond to weather the crisis and support both their customers and the other members of their teams.

15 Care Assistants/Managers were shortlisted, and following a virtual ceremony held on Monday 23rd November, Cheryl was declared a winner.

Cheryl has worked at Bluebird Care South Gloucestershire for 18 months, and she was nominated for this award because of the way she handled the first wave of the pandemic in spring 2020. 

Cheryl was praised for her can-do spirit, and she managed to ensure all Bluebird Care South Gloucestershire customers remained Covid-free. Cheryl remained in the office when many people worked from home to lead from the front, despite having people in her own household who were instructed to shield. 

Her personal and professional sacrifices were commended by all of her team, and while 10 out of 25 of the carers were self-isolating, Cheryl ensured there were no missed visits to customers.

By mid-April, the team were so clear on their objectives, that Cheryl had the capacity to switch to ‘business growth’ mode. Over the next six months, she was instrumental in doubling the turnover of the business. Cheryl said:

"I am just doing my job which I enjoy doing. It needs doing whether we are in normal times or a global pandemic – it’s just a case of keeping people safe and happy in their homes, simple as that."

Cheryl has been supporting one of her customers through the lockdowns, as they have been causing anxiety and feelings of isolation.  When asked what Cheryl's care has meant to her, the customer said:

“Since changing to Bluebird Care (South Gloucestershire) I have had nothing but the best service.  When I first spoke to Cheryl she seemed to understand me and she makes me feel like Royalty.   

“She told me I could ring her anytime during lockdown time, day or night if I’m struggling.  I would speak to Cheryl every week; it is amazing what she’s done for me.  When I came out of rehab she had bought me some colouring books to keep me calm.  Cheryl is able to help with all my issues, she is real, she really does care and she definitely deserves this award.  She has given me the love that my family haven’t, and she checks on me constantly. 

“I would love to stay with Cheryl’s team and Bluebird Care, there is so much love from the carers, I have never seen this level of care before.  I feel so safe since working with Cheryl, she is able to treat people so well and then delegate this down to the rest of her team.  She goes out on a limb for everyone, the staff seem happy and well trained and she heads up a brilliant team. She treats everyone with love and compassion, both customers and carers.”

Jack Whitfield, Managing Director of Bluebird Care South Gloucestershire, added:

“I personally cannot imagine a more impressive display of skill, effort and attitude sustained over such a long time in the face of so many challenges.  Many, many people owe her a great deal and we are honoured to have Cheryl leading our team.

“You are so deserving of this award Cheryl - congratulations!”