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Bluebird Care provides the highest quality of home care in Northwood & Ruislip, leading the field in customer service.

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Providing high quality home care in Northwood & Ruislip.

Our services support you to maintain your chosen lifestyle. So, we keep you in control and provide you with the home care in Northwood & Ruislip that you want, where and when you want it.

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We specialise in working with customers and their families who require care in their own homes. We offer a unique service of personalised care services from check-in visits to full live-in support.

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Home care & support

We keep you in control and provide you with the home care services and support you want, where and when you want it. It's your life and your care, so it must be your way.

Specialist care

Some conditions require specialist care services. At Bluebird Care we understand that when people have special needs due to an illness or injury, they may need extra care and support.

Assistive technology

We provide the homecare services you need, underpinned with the latest innovations in technology to support you to live your life, the way you want to.

As you may be aware, Mum returned home yesterday after a short stay in hospital. I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much we all appreciate the amazing work Sona does looking after Mum. The care is really marvellous, Sona knows Mum so well and will always suggest ways we can make Mum more comfortable. Her cooking is amazing and will always tempt Mum to eat - for example when Mum got home last night she didn't feel hungry, but Sona had made mushroom soup (homemade - not from a can) and so Mum was tempted to eat, finished her entire bowl and felt much better for it. Mum has limited mobility and Sona has worked out that a bit longer in a warm shower really makes a difference to how Mum moves for the day so the shower time has become a really enjoyable ritual for Mum - Sona always takes extra care to make sure the water is the right temperature and the bathroom heater is switched on to warm the room before she gets Mum ready - this extra attention to detail makes a massive difference.


You probably know all about the excellent care Sona provides as I know she has to record her day in great detail, but what I think may be missed in the paperwork is the companionship aspect. Sona will often sit down in the evening and watch TV with Mum. Mum really values Sona's company in the evenings and it makes such an enormous different to her. Sona knows us all well and will chat to Mum about the extended family. Mum also enjoys hearing about Sona's family and what her daughters and parents are doing. The friendship aspect and the positive impact it has on Mum's mental health is just as important as the physical care but it probably isn't recorded in the notes in any way and therefore I just wanted to take the time to tell you just how amazing we think Sona is and how lucky we feel to have her in our lives. 


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