Homecare vs Care Home

Choosing the right care service for a loved one can be a daunting process. Here, Hillary shares her experience of care options and how a tailored homecare service has changed their lives.


Choosing the right care service for a loved one can be a daunting process. Here, Hillary shares her experience of care options and how a tailored homecare service has changed their lives.

For Hillary, the onset of her mother’s dementia diagnosis came quickly, and the family soon realised the severity of it and the impact it would have on their lives. After examining various options, the family decided to trial a  residential care home and although costly, it had beautiful surroundings and ticked all the boxes. After one week they found that their mother was desperate to be back home and they no longer felt comfortable with her being there so they decided it was important to get her back home and began looking into home care providers. Eventually, Hillary and her family decided to go with Bluebird Care Fareham.

“The Open Pass system swung it for me.” Explaining her reasons Hillary says “Unlike others, Bluebird had carers available for the times that we wanted. I’ve told so many of my friends about the Open Pass system they have. It allows you to see when the carers have visited, what they did and I can use it to communicate with the carers too. This is great when I’m working as I can check it and then decide whether I need to visit mum after work or not. I have even checked it regularly when I’ve been away on holiday!”

Bluebird Care Fareham use this electronic system to allow both carers and family members to communicate with each other, and ensure that all care requirements are carried out exactly as the customer would want. As Hillary found out after researching, Bluebird Care Fareham is one of the few local homecare providers that use this system. 

“I rang around five to eight other companies and no one had this system.” Hillary explained. “When I’m at work or away the system gives me reassurance in knowing how mum is feeling, what she has or hasn’t eaten, even down to what she’s wearing or things she’s not happy with.”

Having regular homecare visits can not only change a person’s life but it can also impact positively on the wider family, giving them peace of mind in knowing that their loved ones are being looked after.

“My mother has homecare visits twice a day, which is brilliant. This means when I visit her I can spend quality time with her and not worry about all the things that need doing.” Hillary talks of the benefits that the homecare service brings. “We usually have the same carers which is good for mum as she knows them well now. They deal with all sorts and I often comment that the carers do things ‘just how mum likes it’. They go over and beyond with little touches such as laying mums’ outfits out for her, beautifully making the bed and making her lunches look pretty. They are never asked to do these things and it really makes mum feel cared for.”

On comparing the two types of care that Hillary had experienced for her mother, she found that a homecare service not only offered her mother a better quality of life, but it also cost a lot less than a residential care home. Most importantly to Hillary and her family, her mother can continue to live an independent life with additional support when she needs it and in the comfort of her own home.

“Mum has a great quality of life now,” describes Hillary “she is doing all of her usual activities, going to church, meeting friends and attending lunch club. We can organise her care needs around her activities. She has two carers a day visit her every day. This means she has regular face-to-face contact with people, it allows her to build a bond with them and she trusts them.”

Talking about the recent Covid-19 pandemic, Hillary and her family felt reassured with the safety measures that the company put into place. “The carers always wear the full PPE and it isn’t scary for anyone. It feels safe and I feel safe going there after they have been.” Said Hillary.

The positive impact that a tailored homecare service has had for the whole family is evident. “We don’t want mum to go into a home,” explains Hillary “this just works so well for us all and mum is happy. We don’t ever want the carers to leave!”