Live in Care Service Grows

Published: 02/04/2014

Our Live-in care Service is a popular alternative to residential care and we are pleased to announce that we are now offering this service across the whole of the Borough of Ealing.

This is a service that provides the highest standard of one-to-one care. You will benefit from a dedicated ‘personal assistant’ living in your home to take care of your every need. This could involve any or all aspects of personal care, assistance with getting up, washing, personal hygiene and generally ‘keeping house’.

Your personal assistant may also do the shopping and accompany you on visits to friends, appointments and generally getting ‘out and about’ if you wish. One of the beauties of live-in care is its flexibility. No two days need be the same and you can, if you wish, have a different plan for each day.

We offer the opportunity to have independent living in the comfort of your own home. It removes the need to leave the home you love to go into a residential care home. No upheaval, no stress, just a care service that works around you and your individual needs allowing you to stay in your own home surrounded by family, friends and possesions.

If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to call Mina and she will answer all your questions.