Meet the team

Meet Bluebird Care Ealing's dedicated and professional team who will help put your care plan into place.

Munjal & Prafula Joshi


Prafula's Story

Prafula started off as a care worker at a large care company and worked herself up to be a care coordinator, but became frustrated with the way things were run. She could see inefficiencies and vast problems that made consistency of care difficult to provide. Determined that a home care company could do better she obtained all the necessary leadership and care management qualifications and founded Bluebird Care (Harrow) in 2007. Due to the great reputation she had built in Harrow she decided to open her second franchise (Brent) in 2012 to follow in the footsteps.   

We recognise that each person is valuable and unique with his and her own purpose, personality and history.

Munjal's Story

Munjal has a background in Business and Entrepreneurship, having worked for a number of start-ups and big companies including running his own shop. However, through his family he had personal experience of the poor level of care delivered and along with Prafula he passionately believed that care could and should be done better.

The package of care is specifically tailored to the needs of our customers and this is reviewed frequently to ensure it continues to meet the person’s needs.


Ushma Joshi


Ushma, Munjal and Prafula’s daughter, has been a member of the Bluebird Care (Harrow)’s team since it first opened in 2007. She was also introduced to the care industry by both her parents at a young age. Working closely with her mother and brother she gained first-hand experience of running a busy day to day care business. Now with a broad range of experience in the care industry Ushma is the care manager for Bluebird Care (Harrow). 

Ushma is qualified in Level 5 in Health and Social Care and holds a BSc Honours degree in Media Business, Ushma works very closely with her brother Chaitan who are both responsible for managing both Bluebird Care (Harrow and Brent).

People with dementia are still people who still have stories and character, they are all individuals.. They just need to be interacted in a human level.

Chaitan Joshi


Chaitan, Munjal and Prafula's son, has been a member of the Bluebird Care (Harrow)’s team since it first opened. He was introduced to the care industry by both his parents at a young age. Working closely with his mother Prafula he has gained first-hand experience and has learnt the majority of his skills and obtained the knowledge of how to run a busy day to day care business. 

Chaitan is qualified in CMI Level 4 NVQ in Leadership and Management for Care Services and holds a Bsc Honours degree in Computer Science. Chaitan is also a registered care manager with the Care Quality Commission.

Nothing is more important than helping people live their full, independent, dignified lives within the comfort of their own homes.

Dean Morley

Operations Manager

Dean used to be the registered care manager for Ealing between March 2017 to February 2023. He has seventeen years of experience in health and social care, and education.

Dean has returned to Ealing as an Operations Manager. His primary role is to support and manage our registered care manager, and help us to improve the quality of our services, and develop and grow our business. 

I'm excited to once again help Bluebird Care (Ealing) achieve its goals and deliver the best possible care and support to its service users, employees and stakeholders. This is an amazing team that has so much to give.

Jinal Doshi


Jinal is Bluebird Care Ealing Bookkeeper and is a key part of the daily running's of the business, something which we are very grateful for as we wouldn't be able to give the high level of care we do without her. 

Anhar Shamshudin

Registered Care Manager

I re-joined Bluebird Care in October 2021 after working as a care assistant in 2019. I returned as a compliance officer and have now progressed to Registered Care Manager after working as the company’s Compliance Manage for some time.

My role is to ensure that the office and the day-to-day operations of Bluebird Care Ealing run smoothly. It’s my responsibility to ensure our customers are cared for and our fantastic team of staff have the support they need. 

We’re making a difference in the community and I’m pleased to be a part of that!

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