Awards Ceremony

Published: 23/12/2023

Making a difference

We had a fantastic time last week at our staff Christmas get-together 😀🎄🥳

A big THANK YOU to our fantastic team of dedicated care workers who always go ‘above and beyond’ to support and care for our customers. We can’t thank you enough for everything you do 🥲👏💐  

We also held our own awards ceremony where we thanked those who have made a difference 🏆

Thanks to…

*Care Expert of the Year*

Harrow:- Rama Bhatt (Care Assistant)

Brent:- Radhika Unni (Care Assistant)

*Reliability and Dependability*

Harrow:- Parth Surani (Care Assistant)

Brent:-Ami Rami (Care Assistant)

*Exceptional Customer Feedback*

Harrow:-Silvia Grilo-Velho (Care Assistant)

Brent:- Samsam Nour (Care Assistant)

*Best Newcomer*

Harrow:-Dhrumil Patel (Care Assistant)

Brent:- Arzoo Viras (Care Assistant)

*Care note Champion*

Harrow:-Samira Ahmed (Care Assistant)

Brent:-Aksana Vaiciulyte (Care Assistant)

*Above and Beyond*

Harrow:-Luminita Ciurusnuc (Care Assistant)

Brent:-Joanna Ricketts (Care Assistant)

And a few others...

Team Player – Prit Patel (Coordinator)

Mentoring – Eva Heinisch (Training Manager)

Leadership - Lynne Williams (Lead Supervisor)