Care at Home and Housing Support Awards 2022

Published: 08/09/2021

Jane Perry is Director across our Ayrshire, Edinburgh and Glasgow South offices and earlier this year she was nominated for the Management and Leadership award.

Scottish Care represents over 400 organisations covering a range of services, whether it be residential care, nursing care, daycare, care at home or even housing support services. Their vision is to shape the environment in which care services deliver and develop the high-quality care that communities both require and deserve. 

Their objectives are to:

  • Develop a positive partnership with key stakeholders
  • Support members in key areas of business and professional activity
  • Effectively lobby, negotiate and represent the sector
  • Ensure providers’ ability to develop and deliver quality care services

Every year, the Scottish Care organisation hosts an awards ceremony to celebrate the amazing care providers across Scotland. This year, our Director, Jane Perry was nominated by several members of the team for the Management & Leadership award. The award ceremony was held on Friday 25th of June, unfortunately, Jane didn’t win the award but it was a huge privilege to be nominated. A big congratulations to the winner Michelle Kier.

We spoke with Nina MacLean, Head of People for Bluebird Care Ayrshire to find out why several members of the team wanted to put Jane forward for this award. 

There was no second-guessing whether we should put Jane forward for the Management & Leadership award. The pandemic was a scary time for us all, but Jane didn’t let that stop her. She took everything in her stride and ensured that the team felt comfortable and supported throughout. As you can imagine our team is large as we cover three territories across Scotland but that didn’t stop Jane. She found the time to support every single member of our team in some way shape or form. She even found time to have a coffee and catch up with team members collecting their test kits. Our team felt completely supported and understood all the changes that were coming into place which helped to keep us all safe. Jane’s enthusiasm and dedication is second to none, we know she’s busy but she makes time for each and every one of us and never lets anything dampen her passion for delivering high-quality care at home. She always has a smile on her face and knows exactly what to do to lift us when we’re having a bad day. We may not have taken the award home but Jane is still a winner in our eyes.

Nina MacLean

We spoke with Jane Perry, Director of Bluebird Care Ayrshire to get her views on the award: 

I was so shocked that the team wanted to put me forward for this award, let alone had taken the time to complete the nomination. To me, it just feels like I'm doing my job and I didn't realise how much of an impact it made in my team. Although I didn't win, I'm not disheartened in the slightest as it meant the world to me that my team wanted to put me forward. A big congratulations to Michelle.

Jane Perry