Meet the team

Annemarie Frew

Registered Care Manager for Bluebird Care Ayrshire & Glasgow South

Annemarie was inspired by social care by the age of fifteen, she travelled to Romania to help street children, orphanages, and university students. This passion has spiralled throughout her career, helping her to achieve HNC in health and social care, SVQ 3, SVQ Social Service and Health Care Level 9 and finally SVQ in care service Leadership and Management Level 10.

She has worked in a range of different sectors and settings from young children through to the elderly. Jane and John Perry inspired her to join the team with their compassion, ethos, dedication, and proven track record of delivering high-quality care at home service. She is looking forward to helping lead the Ayrshire and Glasgow South teams so she can continue to provide high-quality home care in the community.

In her spare time, you will find her spending time with her family, especially her children and dogs. Some other favourites are reading, watching films and going to the theatre.

Jane Perry

Director of Bluebird Care Ayrshire, Edinburgh, and Glasgow South

Jane Perry started her home care journey with Bluebird Care in 2008 alongside her husband, John Perry. She started off delivering high-quality home care in Edinburgh and then ventured into Glasgow South and Ayrshire.

Jane entered the care sector after looking for a home care package for her grandmother in Glasgow South. She was appalled at the lack of knowledge, services, and general attitude of the companies she contacted. After extensive research, she chose Bluebird Care as they shared her ethos of providing a good old-fashioned service along with the ongoing support required to get her business up and running.

With Jane’s strong leadership together with her management team, she ensures that the interests and well-being of all customers and her team are met. Working with multidisciplinary teams and integrating with other leaders in the Social Care sector, Jane is driven to deliver the best, home care service possible.

Outside of work, Jane loves listening to music, good food and wine, spending time with her family and let’s not forget taking her dog, Robbie for a walk on the beach.

John Perry

Director of Bluebird Care Ayrshire, Edinburgh, and Glasgow South

John Perry started his home care journey with Bluebird Care in 2008 alongside his wife, Jane Perry. He started off delivering high-quality home care in Edinburgh and then ventured into Glasgow South and Ayrshire.

John spends much of his time working in his local office, Edinburgh. He is normally the first point of contact when someone is looking for care for themselves or a loved one. He is extremely passionate about providing quality customer service so will always spend time getting to know his customer’s needs and ensuring he answers any questions.

Outside of work, John’s interests are Football (Hibs), Golf (8), Morris Dancing, the life, and times of Vincent Van Gogh and most importantly, being a proud ‘Papa’ to his granddaughters Eva and Alyssa.

Moira Henry


Moira has worked in care for many years in different sectors and she is looking forward to working within the Bluebird family , helping to deliver high-quality care within our local community.
Moira in her spare time enjoys spending time with her family and friends, She also loves cooking.

Tracie Stevens

Office and Finance Manager of Bluebird Care Ayrshire, Edinburgh, and Glasgow South

Years ago, Tracie took on an opportunity to help run and build a cleaning business. 20 years later, this was built into a national company employing more than 1000 team members. Tracie’s main role was Director of Finance and Administration.

She then decided to give herself a new challenge and set up a cleaning business of her own, but this quickly turned into more of a care role as she would help the older customers with personal care as well as their cleaning. She found this the most rewarding so when an opportunity came up in 2011 to work with Bluebird Care she jumped at it.

She has had several roles within Bluebird Care but currently, she looks after all 3 offices alongside the finances. Making improvements and getting stuck into a challenge are some of Tracie’s favourites but she loves to speak to customers – hearing how much our Care Assistant helps them every day makes her smile.

Lindsey Clark

People Development and Engagement Officer for Bluebird Care Ayrshire, Edinburgh & Glasgow South

Lindsey has had a varied career background but over 5 years ago, Lindsey was looking for home care for her mum and found that the way the Care Assistant dealt and interacted with her mum struck a chord with her. Helping others, less fortunate than herself, in the comfort of their own home appealed to her. Like fate, a role came up with Bluebird Care and Lindsey joined the team as a Care Assistant and loved making a difference in people’s lives.

Since then, Lindsey has progressed to be a Recruitment Resourcer to help expand our team of Care Assistants so that we could help more people in the community. She has a passion for learning and developing people to ensure only the very best care is being delivered so she has landed a job as a People Development and Engagement Officer.

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