Why Pets Make Perfect Companions

For many people having the company of a furry friend can be invaluable. Here are four reasons why pets make great companions.


For many people having the company of a furry friend can be invaluable. Here are four reasons why pets make great companions.

Unconditional love. It’s something everybody yearns for in one way or another, but as we get older and life gets more complicated, it can sometimes feel harder and harder to come by. Especially when just leaving the house to see other people is something we’re told we shouldn’t be doing!

For many people, that’s where having the company of a furry friend can be invaluable.

Pets are uncomplicated, affectionate, and provide routine and structure to daily life. They even offer emotional support when things get tough.

For many of our customers, pets are at the centre of their homes. And for our carers, well… having a pet to come home to can feel a little like this:

That’s one of the many reasons why pets make great companions. Here are four more:

Pets help manage anxiety

Retired man at home with his dog

According to this blog post by the RSPCA,

people who own a pet report fewer instances of depression. That’s hardly surprising when you think about it.

For many people, the thought of spending time alone for long periods, without connection to others, causes incredible stress and upset. Having a cat or dog helps you feel connected to someone who cares and is well known to boost your mood. If you suffer from social anxiety, having the company of a pet can even increase your confidence when leaving the house! Which brings us to…

Pets get you out and about

One of the biggest reasons why pets make great companions is that they encourage you to exercise.

Going for a walk just for the sake of it can feel a little aimless – which can, in turn, contribute to feelings of loneliness. But having a pet gives you a reason to leave the house and stretch your legs.

Dogs in particular need at least one (often more) reasonably long walks a day. For many people that’s why dogs make the perfect companion. But some cats also respond well to going on a leash, and even owning a pet goldfish will necessitate occasional trips to the shops to pick up fish food.

Pets give you purpose

Elderly couple walking their dog with their daughter

It can be difficult to drift off to sleep at night knowing you’ll be waking up with a lonely next day ahead of you. Then it can be just as hard to get out of bed when you do hear your morning alarm. 

But that’s certainly not the case when you have a purring pussycat or pawsome pooch nuzzling you affectionately the moment you open your eyes.

The sense of purpose is not to be underestimated. People with a carer’s mindset will often do much more for others than they will for themselves, and there are real psychological benefits to putting others' needs before your own (just as long as you don’t overdo it!).

And don’t forget the story of The Street Cat Named Bob, who helped his owner get clean from addiction  just by coming into his life. The bond between an animal and a person really can be that strong.

Pets keep you company

Our final reason why pets make perfect companions is simply that feeling of companionship itself.

For many people, that notion of companionship means finding a partner. But what do you do when a partner passes away, a relationship ends, or a phase of your life simply comes to a close before you were ready for it to?

The many hardships we all face in day to day life are made much easier when you have a friendly face to shoulder the emotional burden. And that’s precisely what pets bring.

Not only that but having a pet can offer a window into making new human friends too! How many times have you stopped to fuss someone’s dog and got talking to them without intending to? It happens all the time and can lead to a happier and more connected life all around.

Do you or someone you love need more companionship?

At Bluebird Care Worthing, we can’t provide a pet – but we always try to match our pet-loving care assistants with customers who have a furry friend. That way everyone can benefit! 

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