Home Is Where the Heart Is, Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage

Published: 16/01/2021

A story celebrating 50 years of marriage between customers' Mr and Mrs Walker, David and Georgina.

Firstly, we would like to wish all our staff, customers and friends a happy and healthy 2021. We thought it would be apt to share this beautiful and heart-warming story with you all. A story celebrating 50 years of marriage between Mr and Mrs Walker, David and Georgina.

Georgina and I met while first footing on New Year’s Eve 1966. We were stood together (ironically in an ex-girlfriend’s parents’ house) when Big Ben chimed midnight, looked sheepishly at each other, wished each other Happy New Year, kissed, and we have been together for the past 55yrs. We married on 9th January 1971 and this year is our 50th - Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Mr Walker

Georgina spent most of her career in secretarial/PA roles with a variety of companies, including most of the largest accountancy firms, in addition to bringing up our two children. I spent most of my career in HR and Management, Business and Personal Development training. Career opportunities meant that we moved around quite a lot over the fifty years (nine house moves), ending up in Melksham in 2013. Along the way four grandchildren were added to the tribe.


In 2012 Georgina was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s. As her condition has deteriorated over the past 8+ years, her support and care needs have increased to the point that she now needs 24-hour care. With the help of Bluebird Care, this enables David to continue to care for Georgina at home, which is where she wants to be.

If I were to be asked what is the one the one attribute required for a successful marriage of 50 years, I would say it is the same attribute that all carers (paid or unpaid) require – PATIENCE.  There are a lot of other words that come to mind, but patience for me encompasses all of them. My next goal is our 60th – Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Will we make it? Watch this space. In the meantime, I and Georgina’s carers will continue to care for her, not in a care home, but here, in our home, a home that cares.

Mr Walker