Safe at Home campaign celebrates live-in care as ‘great alternative’ to care homes

Published: 18/06/2020

Bluebird Care has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of and celebrate its live-in care provision as an alternative option to care homes.

The #SafeAtHome campaign was launched in response to a 20% rise in demand for the service across the Bluebird network over the last 12 months, with more than half of the growth occurring since the beginning of the year.

Hannah Banfield, marketing and communications Director at Bluebird Care, said: “Our #SafeAtHome campaign is all about raising awareness of live-in care – an option that many families may not have considered. 


“Our live-in Care Assistants provide the highest standard of personalised home care. They are specially trained to help with complex care needs, and often go above and beyond to help with other tasks such as grocery shopping.

 “It’s so wonderful that customers are able to be surrounded by their treasured belongings and special memories.”

Banfield explained that Bluebird Care has seen many success stories across the franchise network, where customers and their families have felt more safe, happy and comfortable in their own homes.

In one example, a Bluebird Care customer with dementia had tried living in a care home, but became overwhelmed by the noise and busyness of the atmosphere there.

Her daughter, Jane, said her mother had been “much happier” in the peace and quiet of her own home and since switching to the live-in care service, she has been able to form a daily routine, which alleviates much of her confusion.

Jane said: “My mother needs 24-hour supervision as she gets anxious if she is left alone, so it was clear she needed a carer 24 hours a day. 

“My mother also has communication issues but responds really well to one-to-one attention. Having only one carer who is familiar with her makes communication much easier.”