Happy World Hand Hygiene Day!

May 5th marks World Hand Hygiene Day.


May 5th marks World Hand Hygiene Day.

Today we are celebrating the World Health Organisation’s campaign for international hand hygiene!

Celebrated every year on 5th May, World Hand Hygiene Day encourages people around the world to increase their hand hygiene in health care facilities. This protects health care workers, customers and patients from infections and significantly, COVID-19.


Now more than ever, Care Assistants must clean their hands at the point of care!

5 moments for hand hygiene at the point of care include:

🤚 Before service user contact

✋ Before a clean/aseptic procedure

🤚 After body fluid exposure risk

✋ After service user contact

✋ After contact with service user surroundings


Here at Bluebird Care Northallerton, Thirsk & Catterick, we provide all of our care assistants with as much hand sanitiser as they need, and we have hand sanitiser stations placed throughout our office.

Hand washing in six-steps

We recommend following this simple six-step technique to help protect yourself and others around you.

Step 1: Palm to palm

Step 2: Fingers interlace, right palm over left and vice versa

Step 3: Palm to palm, fingers interlaced

Step 4: Backs of fingers to opposing palm with fingers interlocked

Step 5: Rotational rubbing of right thumb clasped in left palm then vice versa

Step 6: Rotational rubbing, backwards and forwards with clasped fingers in opposite palm