May is Get Outdoors Month at Bluebird Care

Published: 01/05/2019

This May is Get Outdoors Month at Bluebird Care! With spring upon us, we want you to get out into nature.

With spring upon us, we want you to get outdoors! Nature provides us with many benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing, so we want everyone to get outside and enjoy the world around us – whether it’s in your garden, at the park or on holiday. This could be anything from office staff or customers in their homes and gardens, or on an outing or on a trip.
We want to see you #GetOutdoors and enjoy the benefits that being around nature has to offer. We will be sharing all of your activities in our dedicated Facebook album. Here are some ways you can get involved with #GetOutdoors Month:

Ask your staff and customers to take a photograph of themselves enjoying the outdoors with their families, customers, colleagues and friends, upload it to your social media channels using the hash tag #GetOutdoors and don’t forget to tag Bluebird Care (UK)!

- Host a customer outing to a local park, have a picnic, go and have ice cream, visit a nature reserve or National Trust site.

- Take your customers into their gardens for activities such as afternoon tea, games, reading or gardening.

- Host a staff outing for their families and children to a local attraction, to a local park, a nature or wildlife walk or even a dog walk.

- Create your own office garden or green space where people can go to relax on their break.

- Any other ideas you can think of – feel free to get creative!

If you do any of the above please send us some photos and we will share them across our Bluebird Care UK social media platforms. If you have any questions please contact our Social Media Manager