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Using technology to care: Bluebird Care uses video calls to help customers

The home care sector has experienced a challenging few months with the Covid-19 pandemic. ‘Normal’ ways of work have been adapted to maximise protection for both customers and care teams.


Bluebird Care North Hamphsire Surprise Customers with Strawberries and Cream

Care Assistants surprised their customers with some delicious strawberries and cream while on their regular care visits.


#Time2TalkCare- What is Social Care?

What is social care? Who provides social care? How is social care paid for? How is our ageing population affecting the demand for care?


Two Hairdressers Join Bluebird Care During Covid-19 Pandemic

Two hairdressers from the local area, Jodie and Kirstie had to close their businesses temporarily due to Covid-19 restrictions and joined Bluebird Care


#Time2TalkCare-Delivering home and live-in care on the frontline

In our first #Time2TalkCare article, we give you an insight in to what it’s been like delivering home and live-in care to vulnerable people in their own homes during the COVID19 pandemic.


Life from the frontline as a home carer

"My customers are my top priority, and I am ensuring that they are safe and have everything they need"


JET Service Launched to Ease NHS Pressures

Bluebird Care are joining forces with the NHS to reduce hospital admissions in the battle against COVID-19.


Bluebird Care North Hampshire is supporting Pyjamas for PanCan

The event aims to raise vital funds and increase awareness of pancreatic cancer.


Bluebird Care North Hampshire is supporting Nutrition & Hydration Week 2020

Bluebird Care is supporting this year’s Nutrition & Hydration Week which runs from 16 – 20th March 2020.


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