Bluebird Care backs campaign in support of Diabetes Week!

Published: 10/06/2020

Bluebird Care Highgate & Haringey is supporting Diabetes Week 2020, an annual campaign raising awareness of diabetes from 8th – 14th June.

Bluebird Care Highgate & Haringey is supporting Diabetes Week 2020, an annual campaign raising awareness of diabetes from 8th – 14th June.

Diabetes Week aims to increase the awareness and understanding about diabetes. It focuses on tackling the stigma surrounding diabetes and encourages people to talk about their experiences living with diabetes.

The campaign is run by Diabetes U.K - who fund research and offer advice and support to those at risk of having diabetes, plus current sufferers.

One in 15 people are living with diabetes, that’s 4.8 million in the U.K., which means that diabetes affects people more than any other health condition. It is estimated that one million people don’t even know that they have diabetes.

Diabetes is complicated, although you can have a higher risk of developing it due to lifestyle, age, gender, genetics and ethnicity, sometimes there can be unknown causes. Diabetes U.K. stresses that anyone can develop diabetes at any time.

The most common types are diabetes are Type 1 and Type 2 which raise the blood sugar levels and cause serious health complications.

With the current coronavirus pandemic, it is vital to follow the NHS guidelines as people with diabetes are more vulnerable to the virus. The coronavirus could lead to the diabetic person becoming seriously ill with diabetic ketoacidosis as well as causing other long-term problems.  

George Morris, Director of Bluebird Care Highgate & Haringey, said:

“It is important to be aware of the effects of coronavirus and diabetes. Whilst following the NHS guidelines, there are ways in which we can do our bit to promote diabetes awareness. How about going for a sponsored run or cycle ride to raise funds for important research?

Diabetes can have a major impact on one’s life. However, just because you have diabetes, life does not stop. Even though things may seem harder, you can still achieve the goals and dreams that you want to do.”

Visit the Diabetes Week website to find out more about the campaign and how you can get involved –

To understand how coronavirus can affect people with diabetes -

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