Benn throws his hat in the ring!

On Sunday 26th November our very own Benn Garrick entered the boxing ring to take part in the Ultimate White-Collar fundraising event, hosted at The Majestic Hotel,


On Sunday 26th November our very own Benn Garrick entered the boxing ring to take part in the Ultimate White-Collar fundraising event, hosted at The Majestic Hotel,

On Sunday, 26th November, our very own Benn Garrick entered the boxing ring to participate in the Ultimate White-Collar fundraising event, hosted at The Majestic Hotel, Harrogate. Benn chose to raise money for the mental health charity MIND, a charity dedicated to promoting awareness and understanding of mental health illnesses.

"Having been personally affected by mental ill health, and knowing many others that have had their struggles, I wanted to return the support and raise much-needed funds for an organisation that has provided me with so much support," said Benn when asking about why he chose this charity.  


Benn joined the Bluebird Care Harrogate team in July 2019 as our Office Administrator; he has a wide range of experience. From working within the NHS for 3 Years (2 in a Medical Equipment Library, 1 in the Ambulance Service), this is followed by many years of volunteering in Theatre Productions, being a Teaching Assistant in Primary Schools and Teaching English to non-native speakers in the community. In addition, Benn has taught himself to play various musical instruments to varying degrees (aiding in the completion of a Creative Music Technology Degree) and taken courses in Blind/Deaf Awareness, resulting in competency for British Sign Language Level 1. Benn is a massive asset to the office team in Harrogate. Greeting everyone with a warm welcome and a smile. Benn goes above and beyond to help his team and also supports our Scarborough office with developing their admin process' on the systems.

Benn is very passionate about mental health and is keen to knock out the stigma associated with it; outside of work, Benn is campaigning to improve mental health services for young people. A report produced by Healthwatch North Yorkshire revealed that 72% of young people have experienced mental ill health or well-being issues in the last year. 


All the boxers endured an intense 8-week program preparing themselves for the match. Benn stated that the training program mainly consisted of sweat. It started with basic fitness routines like press-ups, sit-ups, planking, burpees, etc. However, that was also thrown in footwork, so we knew how to move around. Progressing further put us mainly on the bags and alternating between stamina and strength training. Halfway through, we started sparring and pad training with each other and the trainers.

Benn Charity Fight Bluebird Care Harrogate


Talking to Benn about his training, he said, 

"I practically live behind my desk and have never been considered the 'sporty type.' The sportiest activity I have in my life is getting out of bed in the morning! So this was a real challenge for me, but it was all worth it for a special cause. I would encourage anyone that feels like they're in a position that they don't want to talk to anyone to at least reach out to MIND," 


We saw Benn put up a nail-biting fight against his opponent. They went head-to-head for 3 rounds, with Benn winning the fight. Overall, the event was a hit, with the team from Bluebird Care Harrogate attending to cheer on their colleague and funds being raised on the night. 


Benn's discipline in training in the eight weeks leading up to the event resembles his commitment to ensuring Bluebird Care Harrogate has all it needs to provide customers with the highest quality of care and support our care assistants.


John Webber, Managing Director, Bluebird Care Harrogate, said,

"We are incredibly proud of Benn for taking a risk and dedicating 8 weeks to an incredible cause. Benn is an integral member of Bluebird Care Harrogate, providing high-quality home care to customers in the community. He constantly seeks ways to engage the wider community and make a positive impact. 


"Benn is a true reflection on what it means to work for Bluebird Care Harrogate and Bluebird Care's founding values: kindness, caring, and passion."

Now things have calmed down following the match, I spoke with Benn regarding his training and if he enjoyed any parts of it. Benn stated, "Yeah, I enjoyed pretty much all." He commented that he did have to work through some injuries and strains, which wasn't fun, and he couldn't describe the humidity of the gym beyond it being Amazon-like (they really needed an actual AC unit). But yes, I really enjoyed it.

I have also asked Benn if he would continue any of his training. Benn Said he won't keep up on the boxing side, but he is keeping up with the gym. It is great to hear from someone who has already stated they aren't "overly sporty."


Benn has said that he has been prospectively looking at other events that Ultra run through and is considering their "Stand Up" event. Let's watch this space; hopefully, we will have an update on the horizon.

Benn is continuing to raise funds that will directly contribute to improving the lives of those battling with their mental health. Those wanting to support Benn's initiative can donate by visiting 


MIND can be contacted on 0300 123 3393 or via 

Benn Charity Fight Bluebird Care Harrogate