How to Keep Your Family Memories 

Time flies so quickly. How do you keep your family memories?


Time flies so quickly. How do you keep your family memories?

Our families are our everything, but time really does fly quickly. All those birthdays, Christmases, and other special moments but how do you keep a record of your personal family history? 

Keeping and preserving family memories, history, genealogy, and stories can be comforting and will be appreciated by all. It honours our pasts but also educates those in the present and makes for a wonderful record for those in the future.

Sharing memories between a Bluebird Carer and an older gentleman 

It doesn’t need to be a chore, here are some starting points: 

  1. Have a conversation – talk to your older parents or family members about their own history  

  1. Take some notes after those conversations to record memories and moments 

  1. Ask where old photos, documents and mementos are kept and maybe start to gather them together  

  1. Digitise photo and home videos. How about making a shared digital photo album that other can contribute to as well? 

  1. Create a scrapbook  

  1. Create a map noting where your family have lived  

  1. Collect family recipes and build a recipe book