Is there a squirrel whisperer in the office?

Published: 25/10/2020

More Four Legged Friends Visit


People will be familiar with our fondness for animals in the office. Not only are we perhaps the only Home Care Provider in Dudley, or maybe even the world, to have a giraffe on the team, it seems that smaller creatures want to get in on the act.

There is not currently a vacancy for another staff aninmal but that does not stop Ronnie the squirrel from coming to visit us every day. Ronnie was originally thought to be Ronald, but after she got pregnant, we thought that she was probably more of a Veronnica, but Ronnie covers all the bases.

We can be quietly working away in the office and at the window, up pops Ronnie to have a look in and to see what is going on.

We don't know if she stops at our window on a tour around the estate, but she is always a welcome visitor!