What Home Care is most suitable for you?

Published: 23/06/2021

There are several ways to receive high quality care that will cater for advanced care needs, in the comfort of the customer's own home.



The Types of Home Care Available 


For most people, their home is considered as a ‘safe place’, as they know where everything is and they feel comfortable. Receiving care at home means the customer can carry on feeling safe, keep any pets they may have, stay close to their family and friends, keep close to activities they’ve always enjoyed, while receiving the care they require. Depending on the customer's needs, Care Assistants are able to visit a customer as many times a day as they desire, for as long as it's needed to carry out the tasks. Care Assistants can support a customer with day-to-day duties, such as; personal care, administering medications, cleaning, cooking meals, and companionship.  


Waking Night Care, is when a Care Assistant is awake all night to support with bathroom visits, personal care, monitoring, and any problems that may arise throughout the night. This may be the preferred option for those who wake numerous times in the night and need added support.  


Furthermore, if a customer requires live-in-care, a Care Assistant will be able to support a customer's needs 24hours day (with breaks), and still be able to help with all daily tasks and provide company throughout the day if need be.  


Why should you choose Bluebird Care? 


Bluebird Care ensures to provide high quality Homecare and live-in-care services, to help vulnerable adults live independently. While some customers' needs may be similar, it’s important to recognise no two people's needs are the same. This reason is why each care plan is specifically tailored to a customer's complex and basic needs. The Core Principles Bluebird Care prioritise are: 

  • Dignity and respect, everybody is treated equally, with respect. 

  • Person-centered Care Planning, all care plans are created to best suit the needs of the customer.  

  • Insisting on high standards, all staff are carefully selected, thoroughly trained, properly valued and supported.  

  • Close oversight and supervision, the delivery of all homecare is continuously monitored to ensure the best care is being given to each customer.  


Bluebird Care keeps in regular contact with the customer as well as families, to ensure that everybody is happy with the care being carried out, and any feedback can be given to improve services. Essentially, the customer chooses what they would like to receive from Bluebird Care, and they try their hardest to accomplish exactly that!