New Software and Hardware

Published: 22/05/2019

April 2016 - Electronic System Upgrade (PASS)

We are extremely pleased to announce we have significantly invested in new technology and new hardware to upgrade our electronic care planning, care notes and monitoring system.

For many years we have been using Bluebird Care mobile phones to ‘Touch in’ and ‘Touch Out’ of your support calls and to enable our care team to receive their latest ‘roster’ instantly to their Bluebird Care phones

We have now invested in new software and issued our care team with Bluebird Care Smartphones and our supervisors with tablets.  Our new electronic support system operates in ‘real time’ and is ‘Outcome, Task and Medication’ focused.  This new system is both password and ‘smartcard’ protected and has substantial advantages.  In addition to receipt of roster and call logging it enables real time ‘instant’ updating of the care plan, the care notes, and medication records Etc, which are ‘instantly’ transferred onto their Bluebird Care smartphone.  Our supervisor updates the care plan together with you using their Bluebird Care tablet and the information is ‘instantly’ permanently saved and shared with the relevant team.  Hence, your care worker has your latest information: -

·         The latest care plan

·         The latest medication

·         Previous care worker notes

·         Office communications

Your care worker will ‘log in’ and ‘log out’ as previously.  During, or at the end of your visit, your care worker will now ‘confirm’ Your visit Outcomes, Your visit Tasks and Your visit Medication directly on their Bluebird Care smartphone and this information will be communicated ‘instantly’ to our office hence, we will know if any medications or other support tasks have not been completed and will be able to get in touch to ascertain the reasons.