Pass Genius

The PASS care platform unleashes the potential of our team to deliver outstanding care.

What is PASS?

PASS is a revolutionary and comprehensive, outcome-focused and person-centred digital care management programme. It allows family members to access details about care of their loved ones, wherever they are in the world. They can access Pass 24/7. Families, practitioners and care professionals can access these digital care notes whenever they need too. Care staff access care notes on Pass to update tasks, medication, meals and activities that take place. This also allows the Care Manager, based at the office to take a regular look at each customer, over seeing the service and monitor the care that is being delivered.

No more report writing and completing unnecessary documentation. Everything is recorded in the customers name, so that everything is personalised to them. This also means that Care staff can see their rota for 7 days ahead on their phone, tablet or computer. If any changes occur they are updated  immediately for everyone to see.

The app requires a passcode to enter the system, thus securing the customers details and again securing customers data.

If you are interested in learning more about Pass and the benefits to your family and loved one, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02922 671497. A member of our team will be more than happy to help you.