Bluebird Care Kept us Together

Having lived in their local home for over 30 years, the last thing Alan and Sue wanted was to be forced apart. The Andover couple have been married for 42 years but in 2013 Sue was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Alan became her full-time carer.
Sue later developed Postural Hypotension which meant that her blood pressure rapidly dropped when she stood up, making her light headed and prone to falls. Following accidents and hospital admissions, Alan had to consider his options.
With a relative already in a care home, Alan knew this was not an option for them because they wanted to stay in their own home. This is when Bluebird Care came in to keep him and Sue together.


Alan said: “I thought, misguidedly, I’d be able to care for Sue on my own, but as much as I tried I had to admit defeat and have care assistance to maintain her quality of life.
“I was recommended to choose Bluebird Care and they have really come up trumps. I didn’t find it obtrusive having Jana - our Live in Care Assistant - living with us as she was so helpful and it quickly blossomed into a relationship that was good for Sue and me. It was like she was a member of the family.
“The important thing about Bluebird’s Live in Care is that it allows me to live as normal a life as possible outside these four walls. I can now continue with the interests I had prior to Sue’s illness, such as swimming and carrying out voluntary work for the local visually impaired people’s club. I can do all this happily knowing that when I’m away Sue’s in good hands.
“It gives me a massive peace of mind and I didn’t realise how beneficial it would be to me personally. People say ‘Gosh you look a lot better, Alan.’ So I must have been pretty haggard at one time!
“I tried going it alone because it’s my wife and my responsibility, but 24-hours a day just wears you down. Sue had a tendency to get up in the night and there were problems with falls, so I never really slept peacefully.
“At the start we had two care assistants visit us three times a day from the NHS Community Care Team, but they always sent different people and the timings were never right because Sue doesn’t have a set routine, so it didn’t really work. I also don’t feel comfortable leaving Sue with someone she doesn’t know.
“But Live in Care gives great continuity of staff which is important for Sue’s Alzheimer’s, so Bluebird are just right. The girls have also been superb and to them it’s second nature when to do things and when not to. They picked up Sue’s likes and dislikes really quickly and they’re fantastic.
“Sue’s mobility has also improved as the Bluebird Care Assistants are magnificent at helping her get out. If we want to go and see her brother or go to the garden centre for coffee and cake then we can, which is great. Sue’s only living relative is her brother who lives in a care home, but it’s a vast difference and much better for Sue to stay at home.
“Bluebird’s Live in Care is the ideal solution, they’ve become like a family support network and they’ll be welcome in our house anytime.”

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