Bluebird Care Westminster & City of London Implements iConnect Software

Published: 22/05/2019

We have recently invested in iConnect which will provide a great benefit to our staff and customers...

We have recently invested in iConnect which will provide a great benefit to our staff and customers.

iConnect delivers real-time task lists and data to our care workers via their mobile phones and records their actual arrival and departure times at customers’ homes using near-field communication (NFC) technology. The need for care workers to carry around paper rosters showing where they need to be and when will be eliminated using iConnect and customers will no longer be asked to sign pieces of paper to prove care workers’ attendance at appointments. Each care worker will be supplied with a smartphone for use which will relay information back real time to the office.

Bluebird Care Managing Director Peter Slough says:

The use of iConnect will improve efficiencies and provide us with greater transparency around care delivery. We’ll know exactly when our care workers arrive and leave customers’ homes and there will no longer be a reliance on paper rosters and follow-up phone calls between the office and care workers when appointments need rearranging.

The benefits to customers of iConnect include improved visibility around care worker appointments. If care workers are running late, for example, the customers and their families will be able to be notified in a timelier manner, providing reassurance. It will also be much easier for Bluebird Care Westminster to rearrange care workers’ appointments and whilst they are ‘on the move’ to accommodate last minute changes. In addition, the stress surrounding asking a customer to sign a proof of attendance document will be eliminated.
Peter added,

We are committed to providing the very best quality of care to our customers. This latest mobile solution will ensure we continue to provide the highest levels of service whilst operating as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible and also helping us to deliver what our customers expect.