‘Getting Creative’ With Dementia Activities

At Bluebird Care Westminster & City of London, we know that our customers benefit from person-centred care.


At Bluebird Care Westminster & City of London, we know that our customers benefit from person-centred care.

Recognising this, we tailor our customers’ Care Plans around their interests, culture, and hobbies as this helps to improve their wellbeing. Bespoke Care Plans are particularly beneficial for those customers living with dementia, as it caters to their individual character and care needs.

We are lucky to have dedicated and experienced team members who work tirelessly to ensure that our customers living with dementia receive bespoke care, designed around their own needs. 

One of our customers, Emma, joined Bluebird Care Westminster & City of London in June 2020 after her dementia progressed to a later stage. Aware of the challenges somebody can face when living with dementia, Care Service Manager Miguel Guilhermino, spent some quality time with Emma so that he could best understand her interests and specific needs.

After this evaluation, Miguel matched her with Care Assistant Valentyna, who shared many traits that fitted with Emma, including an ability to speak Emma's first language, Russian.

At the age of 89, Emma has always had a passion for art. Yet, since being diagnosed with dementia, this hobby has taken a back seat. However, keen to help re-ignite this passion, Miguel and Valentyna hosted art classes to encourage Emma to feel creative, and to keep the brain stimulated, as well as instilling a soothing relaxing feeling within those living with dementia.

Miguel and Valentyna have also taken Emma out on monthly ‘memory day’ excursions to help her reconnect with her best-loved places. Recently, Valentyna and Miguel took Emma to Regents Park for a day out, which immediately had Emma bursting out into her favourite song, Seagull. Emma had a great fun day out strolling through the park, reminiscing over fond memories.

Emma's daughter, Elena, expressed her joy regarding the care her mother receives on Homecare.co.uk:

"I've been caring for my mum since 2010 after her first stroke. During these ten years, I've dealt with a few care agencies, and I must say that Bluebird is on the top of the list!

“Very professional, very efficient, friendly, kind, thorough, and creative approach. Creative in a good sense, individual and considering. Each step of care is based on a very detailed assessment. My mum has a lot of health issues. Her carers were very good."

Miguel Guilhermino, Emma's Care Service Manager, was also delighted with the benefits that Emma has been receiving, adding:

"Activities play a significant part in dealing with challenging behaviours and writing a person-centred Care Plan that involves some fun activities can really help a person living with dementia. Creative activities can help someone achieve a sense of purpose, ultimately improving their wellbeing and enhancing their quality of life.

It's been a pleasure supporting Emma and helping her maximise her independence where possible, as well as guiding the care staff to join her in doing the things she really loves to do."

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