Weekly Covid-19 testing at Bluebird Care

Published: 05/01/2021

Bluebird Care begins weekly testing, helping to keep customers & team members safe.

Weekly COVID-19 testing has started 

With the current pandemic continuing to impact across the UK, the Government has expanded testing in England to cover those who provide care to individuals in their own homes. This will be carried out for each employee delivering care to customers, those in the business who are in regular contact with those providing care to customers, every week. Not only does this offer some protection for customers and employees, but also offers reassurance that Bluebird Care West Oxfordshire have robust procedures in place in order to keep people as safe as possible.


The team have distribute testing kits to every member of our Homecare, Live-In and office team for weekly testing. 

The test will be adminstered, registered online and posted on the same day via a Royal Mail priority box. Staff members and our registered care manager will recieve notification of the results.