Top Tips for Successful Dementia Activities from Bluebird Care West Devon

Published: 16/09/2021

At Bluebird Care our customers enjoy being engaged in satisfying activity.

This helps reduce anxiety and agitation plus failure-free activities for people with dementia are very important.

Here are some of our Devon Bluebird Care Assistants best suggestions:

Create a memory box
A memory box can help someone feel connected to their past career or previous hobbies. For example, if they previously enjoyed sewing or knitting then a box with pieces of different coloured and textured fabric inside might be just the thing.

Cut Pictures and Scrapbooking
How about leafing through old magazines or calendars and cutting out the images they like. Maybe they could also paste the pictures into a notebook, creating a fun scrapbook.

Keeping Busy Hands Active
Folding laundry is a great way to keep people occupied and help them feel like they’re contributing to the household. Small hand towels work best. Simple knot tying with rope or threading pasta on string can be great fun. Pairing card games, puzzle cubes or fidgets are also a great, no-pressure, fun for people who like to fidget with objects.

Make a DIY picture puzzle
Print a copy of a favourite family photo or some scenery that’s special. Laminate the photo and cut it into four (or more) puzzle-piece shaped pieces to make a personalised DIY puzzle.

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