Seated Poses at our Exeter Chair Yoga

Published: 17/07/2019

For our February Wellbeing get-together, our Exeter customers enjoyed some gentle stretches with friends over coffee, cake and conversation.

Bluebird Care staff and customers spent a lovely afternoon at Age UK's Sycamore Centre, enjoying some gentle stretches to loosen our muscles and joints, followed by coffee, cake and great conversation. 


We were joined by Bridget, a professional yoga teacher working in Exminster, who led us in a gentle and relaxed session from the comfort of our chairs. Bridget guided our customers through a range of movements and stretches to engage both the body and mind.

We finished the session with a soothing meditation which left everyone feeling refreshed and relaxed - and then we quickly got stuck into some delicious cupcakes topped with huge swirls of iceing. Our customers spent some time sharing stories about their families, their younger workdays and their exciting travels around the world. 

Sharing interests and having fun together in this way enables Bluebird Care to bring new experiences and new friends into our customers' lives, combatting any loneliness or social isolation they might face. 


Find out more about our Wellbeing Programme here, where we help customers get out, have fun, feel good and make new friends in Exeter.

Customers having fun during chair yoga Wellbeing