Keeping Active & Having Fun at Bluebird Care

Published: 17/07/2019

We want to help more elderly people in our Devon community get back on their feet. 

New research shows that a quarter of the English population is "inactive" - doing less than 30 minutes of activitity per week.

This is particularly dangerous amongst elderly members of our communities, who can quickly become frail and weak when they stop being active. Fraility prevents people from being able to cope with minor stresses such as bladder infections, and makes them more prone to instability and falling. Once this happens, their health can rapidly plummet.

At Bluebird Care Exeter, we share Active Devon's passion for finding exciting and innovative ways of getting everyone in Devon active for life. We want to help more elderly people in our Devon communities get back on their feet- learning new things and meeting new people... and staying active, healthy and happy long into old age.

We are always looking for new ideas and collaborations to bring to our customers at our Wellbeing Sessions.

If you are a local organisation or individual interested in helping us bring more active wellbeing to our customers, please get in touch with Emma Perrett or Emma Seery at 01392 426 006, or email