Exeter Dementia Action Alliance

Published: 17/07/2019

In the run up to the official launch of the Exeter Action Dementia Alliance, we have written a short testimonial on the reasons for becoming members of this brilliant movement.

Here at Bluebird Care Exeter the work we do is always person focused, with the primary aim of enabling elderly people to maintain their independence and to stay living in the home they love with loved ones and familiar things around them.

We understand the importance of people living with dementia feeling supported and welcomed in their community, as feelings of isolation, seclusion and embarrassment are all barriers to a happy and healthy life and have been shown to accelerate cognitive decline.

That is why it was so important to us to join a movement that echoes our aims and objectives, who work tirelessly towards creating communities that not only have better understanding of dementia but also strive to create a dementia friendly environment for people living with a dementia and their loved ones to feel safe and welcomed in. 

The Exeter Dementia Action Alliance, led by the dedicated, hardworking and passionate Gina Awad, is achieving this and more. Through their work with their 21 Alliance Members, including Bluebird Care Exeter, they are creating not only a dementia friendly Exeter but also empowering people with dementia and their carers living in the Exeter area. 

Find out more about the Alliance, by visiting their website.