Funding your care at home

Talking about how to fund care at home can be daunting, but having that early conversation with the right specialist adviser is the key to finding peace of mind.

Stay in the home you love and fund the care and lifestyle you deserve with Key Partnerships and Bluebird Care

Many people start paying for home care simply by using their income and savings because they are unaware of the funding choices available to them. We understand your options can seem limited when it comes to finding the money to pay for your care and maintain the lifestyle you deserve, but if you’re a homeowner aged 55 and over equity release could be a solution for you.

Bluebird Care has partnered up with Key Partnerships, an equity release advisory company and together will support you through understanding how equity release could help you or your loved ones receive care at home now or in the future.

What is equity release?

Equity release is a way to unlock tax-free cash from your home. The most popular form of equity release is a lifetime mortgage.

It’s your money, spend it how you like

Equity release can be used however you like. You may want to use it to pay for care at home, to make alterations to your property to make it more comfortable, to move home to be closer to family members or purchase a mobility scooter to help you maintain your independence.

With any lifetime mortgage – the tax-free cash you release is yours to spend how you like.

Stay in your home

By choosing a lifetime mortgage, you’ll retain full ownership of your home so you can stay there for as long as you want.

With a lifetime mortgage, there are also usually no monthly repayments for you to make, as the loan, plus roll-up interest, is repaid when your plan comes to an end. Typically, that’s when you, or the last remaining applicant, either passes away or enters long-term residential care.

Equity release plans 

Equity release; a competitive lending option

There are equity release plans to suit a whole variety of needs, making lifetime mortgages a competitive lending option for homeowners aged 55 and over. 

Plans today can include features such as:

  • Lump sum and drawdown facilities – you can choose to take the cash as one lump sum at the start of the plan or as an initial release followed by smaller amounts as and when you need it, called a drawdown plan. You will only pay interest on the money you release, not the total facility available
  • Repayment options – Ad-hoc voluntary payments or monthly interest payments to reduce the impact of the interest (subject to lenders criteria)
  • Inheritance protection – ring-fencing a percentage of the future value of your home for inheritance

In addition to this, the industry body, the Equity Release Council has set clear guidelines for providers and introduced safeguards such as the no negative equity guarantee, where you’ll never owe more than the value of your home. 

How Bluebird Care can help you 

To release equity from your home you need to get expert advice from a qualified equity release adviser. Bluebird Care has teamed up with independent equity release advisers for the over 55s, Key Partnerships, so you can be confident you’ll receive the highest quality home care and have a flexible and safe option to fund it. 

Key Partnerships has helped thousands of people release money from their home.

The team at Key Partnerships understands that the cost of care can feel like a great weight on your shoulders. That’s why, with their no obligation advice service, we aim to make it as simple for you as possible. Covering the whole of the market, Key Partnerships offers friendly, impartial advice to help you see whether equity release is the right decision for you.

Things you need to consider before going ahead with equity release 

When comparing the whole equity release market, the Key Partnerships independent specialist advisers will explain:

  • Equity release will reduce the value of your estate and may affect any means-tested benefits you’re eligible for
  • A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured against your home and the loan plus roll-up interest is paid back when your plan comes to an end. This is usually when you, or the last remaining applicant either passes away or enters long-term residential care
  • Unless you decide to go ahead, Key Partnerships’ service is completely free of charge as the usual advice fee of 1.99% of the amount released would only be paid on completion of a plan, subject to a minimum advice fee of £1,499.

Key Partnerships will guide you through your options, providing face-to-face advice in the comfort of your home. If they don’t think equity release is right for you they will tell you.

To find out more or to arrange a FREE, no-obligation consultation, email to refer you to Key Partnerships.




Key Partnerships is a trading name of Key Retirement Solutions Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered in England No. 2457440.


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