End Of Life Care Homecare

Published: 18/09/2019

Find out how we can help you with your End Of Life care needs in Welwyn Hatfield & Broxbourne by providing high quality homecare.

Home is where the heart is for many and also a place, where we are surrounded by our creature comforts and fond memories. It therefore should come as no surprise many people would prefer to spend the last days of their lives at home in the comfort of well-known surroundings.

At Bluebird Care Welwyn & Hatfield we support make peoples wishes to remain at home a reality by providing them with quality end of live home care. We have supported hundreds of people in Welwyn Hatfield with their healthcare at home needs by ensuring they are as comfortable as possible whilst we support them with their daily homecare needs.

Whilst talking about End of Life care may not always be easy for many we thought it might be useful to share how it could work for you or a loved one who requires care at home so we hope you find our End Of Life Care advise or guidance useful.

If you or a loved one has decided they wish to explore end of life care options the best thing to do is pick up the phone to us on 01707263723 and we would be happy to answer any questions you have. After that the next step is for us to come out and visit you to discuss your needs further.

Initially a customer care supervisor will visit you either at home or in hospital, if possible, to find out more about your wishes, needs and requirements. We always try to positively work with families and loved ones as we understand that not everyone can or does want to make decisions about their own care needs. We also are fully sensitive to the fact End of Life care can be very hard on family members too and will also try to treat everyone with the respect, care and dignity we would expect for our own families. Once we have completed the visit we will then draw up the End of Life Care plan to reflect your wishes and meet your specific needs.

Once you agree you are happy with the End of Life care plan it is then our responsibility to ensure our care at home team delivery to this. Our care at home team have been trained to support people with end of life needs and have a real understanding of how to our to deliver end of life homecare in a sensitive and dignified way to ensure whoever we care for and their family can rely on us to be there for them and support them. We have been supporting people from our Welwyn & Hatfield Office for around six years and in that time have supported lots of people locally with their end of life needs so you can rest assured we are experience healthcare professionals. We also are passionate about supporting our team to further develop their skills and as such invest a lot of time and resources into professional development to ensure our homecare services at delivered at the highest standards.

We understand care needs for people we support with End of Life care can also change throughout the time we are supporting them with home care services so we are more than happy to amend and change the care plan as many times as necessary to support the individual and their families.

Our office team also has a wealth of experience so you can call us anytime for a chat about End Of Life care or any other questions you may about homecare. Our care manager has been with us over 5 years and has over 10 year’s experience working in Health & Social Care so we probably will be able to answer any questions you have about End of Life care at home healthcare services.