A Letter From Audrey

Published: 11/09/2019

Since Bluebird Care started providing care throughout Welwyn Hatfield many years ago, we have held onto many of the beautiful letters and thank you cards we have received from customers and family members over the years.

Whilst the collection of cards and letters has now grown to a considerable size it is still always lovely and welcomed to receive them and to know we are making a real difference to someone’s life.

Only a few days ago we received a touching letter from Audrey. We have cared for Audrey for sometime now but this letter was special. The letter was to recognise the wonderful care and support Audrey has been receiving from one of our Carers Dawn.

Dawn is one of many quite heroes in our team who has been with us a while now. Dawn in fact celebrated her 2nd year anniversary with us recently. Being a care assistant requires a unique set of special skills and of course the natural instinct to care and nature which Dawn has lots of!

Below are just some of the wonderful comments Audrey shared about Dawn:

‘Dawn makes such a difference in my life as she is always happy and cheerful. She genuinely cares for you and takes an interest in my life. The wording carer and caring is everything Dawn is, she is the perfect carer. She should be cloned! She is wonderful and you could not ask for a better carer and she has become a friend, always listening to me if I am upset or frustrated. When I am down Dawn always lifts my spirits. Dawn also came to visit me in her own time when I was in hospital. Dawn treats me like family’.

We thought we would invite Dawn in to Celebrate her two year anniversary with us and thank her for making a difference in the lives of the people we support throughout Welwyn Hatfield & Broxbourne.