What do you when your mum or dad require home care?

Published: 03/09/2019

You may have noticed a relative has recently been struggling with some day to day tasks within the home and are wondering if care at home services are right for them. Click here to find out more......

We know how stressful it can be for a son, daughter or loved one to see the health of someone they care about deteriorate and the worry this can bring.

It would be logical to think the first call we receive as a care at home provider when someone needs care is from the person themselves or their partner but in reality, it is usually a daughter or son enquiring about our home care services for their parents.

Many of us now live further away from our families so it isn’t always easy to pop in and check in on our loved ones. When family members call us, often they have not yet even spoke to their parents about the idea of accepting care services in their home as they are concerned how the conversation will be received. It is of course understandable as all those years your parents raised and cared for you and the idea to receive care for them can feel uncomfortable and somewhat unknown for everyone involved.

At Bluebird Care (Welwyn and Hatfield) we know how important it is that the person receiving the care feels comfortable with the idea homecare and equally that they are involved in the process. Often, the best thing for us to do is to pop over at a time a family member is going to be around and just have a chat. In our experience whilst some people may not be accepting of the idea of someone caring for every aspect of their lives, they will probably be accepting with someone helping them with individual tasks they find challenging such as escorting them shopping, reminding them to take their medication or helping them prepare a homecooked meal. In this way we believe our care at home services support people to keep their independence rather than lose it.

We never ask for upfront payments for assessments or hidden administrative fees. We want you and whoever we care for to be happy and comfortable with the choices they are making. We are more than happy to pop around and visit you and your loved ones so we can find out more about them and explore the right care at home services for them.

We can support adult of all ages throughout Welwyn Hatfield and Broxbourne with a variety of care at home needs which often are also a suitable alternative to care homes.

Please call us today on 01707263723 if you would like to have a chat or book a time with us to come out to visit you.