Carer of the Year and Team Member of the Year winners announced!

Published: 15/06/2016

Bluebird Care Wellingborough Carer of the Year;Winner: Barbara KulczakRunner up: Kerri -Ann Warren ​Bluebird Care Wellingborough Team  Member of the Year;Winner: Cheryl LanghamRunner up: Paula Allebone

Bluebird Care Wellingborough customers sent in nominations for Carer of the Year identifying caring, intuiative, approachable and professional carers.
Every carer received at least one nomination.
The overall winner was Barbara Kulczak who has been with us since August 2013 with the runner up, new staff member: Kerri-Ann Warren who only joined us in November 2015 coming in as runner up.
​The whole team nominated who they believed was the most supportive, helpful, positive and motivating team member. 
The overall winner was Cheryl Langham who has been with us since 2013 with Paula Allebone who has been in the team since 2011 coming in a very close second.

They all received some fantastic feedback and will all go on to the next round The Regional Finals.
Finalists from that stage will go through to the Grand Final in Brighton in October at the Bluebird Care National Conference, so fingers crossed!