Not All Care Is the Same

Published: 22/05/2019

We've very much enjoyed hosting Andy, our intern, here at Bluebird Care Wandsworth, and we're delighted that he accepted our invitation to write about his experiences in a blog post.

Hello, my name is Andy and I’ve been interning at Bluebird Care Wandsworth these past three weeks.  As part of my time with them I was invited to write a blog that would feature on their website. I’ve never blogged before so it’s another new experience to add to the many I’ve had during my time here!

Since 2015 I have been training and interning in the drugs and cosmetics retail sector, a far cry from my previous profession as a Geriatric Nurse in Germany, Munich where I live and work.  I had worked in the care industry as a Care Assistant since leaving school at age 16, the final 5 years as a Geriatric Nurse after passing my exams in 2010. After 9 years in the care industry I had reached the point where I wanted a new challenge and to gain new experiences.  So, when as part of my retail internship, my school offered me the opportunity to do a placement in London, I jumped at the chance. I was surprised to be returning to the care sector but I was fascinated by the idea of living and working in a foreign country and excited by the prospect of all the new experiences I would have.

Warm Welcomes

I arrived at the Bluebird Care Wandsworth office and was immediately met with a warm welcome and invited to participate in their Skills Assessment Induction for new Care Assistants. This was a great introduction to what care is like in an inner London borough, and very different to my personal experience! Whereas my experience had been one of learning on the job and translating the theory I learned in the classroom into the practical application with little supervision, the three-day induction by Bluebird Care Wandsworth focused on the skills the Care Assistant would need, with plenty of opportunity to practice practical tasks before meeting with/visiting a customer.  The three-day Skills Assessment  highlights the importance of personalising the care to the customer – the customer is truly King!  I was also surprised to learn about the shadowing and supervision that every new Care Assistant undergoes every week for their first three months with experienced and Senior Care Supervisors! These are all ways of working that I will take back to Germany with me.


The challenges of the care sector are not much different between the UK and Germany – staff shortages, limited funding, and often overworked and underappreciated staff.  However, at Bluebird Care Wandsworth I could see a different, and more positive experience of working in care. I was based in the office for the duration of my internship and I got to see the work that goes into creating such a happy and successful caring business.  I was kept busy preparing correspondence for GPs, creating event listings for their website and social media platforms of all the social events and training that Bluebird Care Wandsworth put on for their Care Assistants and Customers, helping with their filing system, assisting with a mapping exercise to identify where their Customers and Carers live...the tasks were as varied as the people were friendly.
Unfortunately, time runs so fast and today I’m sitting in front of my computer trying to summarise in a blog my time with Bluebird Care Wandsworth.  Ultimately this has been the best internship I have ever done, and the real pleasure has been working, surrounded by lovely colleagues and a really caring environment.

With thanks and hopes of seeing you all one day.


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