Blue Monday

Why you shouldn't let Blue Monday get you down.

blue monday graphic - home care in Wakefield & Kirklees

Blue Monday is thought to be the most depressing day of the year worldwide. According to Holland & Barret, ‘it’s at the time of year when we’re thought to be susceptible to feeling down’. 

There are multiple reasons for this according to various sources:

  • People are begrudgingly coming down from their Christmas high.
  • The weather is wet, miserable, and freezing.
  • Most people will have made themselves a New Year’s resolution… and already failed.
  • There are low motivational levels about, mainly due to the aforementioned Christmas fall out and failed resolutions.

However, we can choose not to let this drive our Monday –there is no scientific evidence to support this myth.

Here at Bluebird Care Wakefield and Kirklees, we believe a positive mind set can go a long way and the list below provides ways you can turn your frown upside down this Blue Monday.

  • Focus on the good things you have in your life whether that be family, friends, or even pets.
  • Remember to be grateful for the year that has just passed, and the year that is ahead.
  • Set yourself some simple goals to help you stay motivated. These goals can be as small or as big as you like. No matter how extravagant or minimal your goals are, they are always worth reaching for.
  • Be kind to yourself.

Blue Monday will only be blue if you let it be. We all have good and bad days – that is how life works; there has to be some bad things in order for the good things to be truly appreciated. Finally, if you want to feel better, feel better. A positive mindset is the best thing you can equip yourself with not just on Blue Monday, but every day.


Happy Monday to all!


If you feel you still need a few more tips this Blue Monday, here are a few websites you may find useful:

Berkeley Well Being:

Positive Psychology:

The Power of your Mind:



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