March and April Round Up 2021


March and April were busy months here at Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees as we said goodbye to Winter and welcomed in Spring. With it being a year on since the start of the pandemic we want to thank all our staff for their exceptionally hard work and our customers who have faced a lot of uncertainty. As the pandemic seems to ease, we remain vigilant about spreading the Coronavirus whilst also looking forward to the rest of the year with great optimism.

Litter Pick Event

On Saturday 20th March, in collaboration with Max Litchfield’s Sky Ocean Rescue Litter Pick, members of our staff volunteered their spare time to go out in their local areas and pick litter. Max, who represents Great Britain in swimming at an International & Olympic level, asked us as a business to get involved with his event and we happily obliged. 

Narinder Gill, director of Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees said: “We were eager to get involved with Max’s event because it really is important that as a business, we do our part to make the world a cleaner and safer place for our wildlife.”

Litchfield added: “I am very thankful for everyone at Bluebird Care Wakefield and Kirklees for getting involved with this very important initiative. It’s amazing to receive support from a local organisation and their staff. If everyone were to make one simple change than we can drastically improve our environment, particularly the ocean wildlife that fall victim to our litter.”

We were even featured in an article in the home care magazine publication Homecare Insight for our participation in the litter pick.

Link to news article here

National Day of Reflection

On 23rd March we joined in with Marie Curie and the rest of the nation in taking part in the National Day of reflection. This day marked a whole year since the UK went into lockdown and marked a chance to reflect on all those who sadly lost their lives because of the pandemic. At 12:00, our office staff went outside and stood together in silence as we joined the whole nation in remembering. As well as this we handed out daffodils to the office staff here at Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees. The daffodils which is the emblem of Marie Curie, signify hope and new life which is a message we wanted to get across during the time of reflection. Furthermore, our Director, Narinder, beautifully read out a poem in memory of all those who sadly passed.

Congratulations to Jamie and Tracey

Well done and congratulations to both Jamie and Tracey who have both passed their Probation Review in March! We are excited to support Tracey and Jamie to continue to grow and develop within their roles here at Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees. Jamie is thriving in his role as Support Officer whilst Tracey is brilliant as our Care Coordinator.

April Customer Reviews

At the end of April, we had received a number of new reviews from customers on the website. We here at Bluebird Care Wakefield & Kirklees are very proud to see that our customers think so highly of the service we provide. We have a fantastic team that provides the highest quality of care. Thank you to our customers for taking the time to leave a review. Our review score is an amazing 9.5 out of 10, which we are incredibly proud of but still we hope to boost it up to 10 out of 10 as soon as we can!

If you are a customer and would like to leave a review please head to our page on our website titled ‘How to Leave a Review’ under the Useful Information tab.